Creative Healing Journeys With Cantrell Maryott

Chanteling is a healing, personal dialogue with your guides.

Each of us has a uniquely compelling story. Our being—body, mind, spirit—is a manifestation of that story. In each story, there is a voice.

Chanteling is a highly intuitive, improvisational dialogue between the human instrument of voice/breath and your own guides.

Calling on 30 years of healing energy bodywork and 40 years of vocalization, I step aside and your song arises spontaneously.

Cantrell Maryott

A vocal artist since childhood, I graduated from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in Tucson, Arizona in 1985. Since then I’ve worked as a bodyworker/massage therapist in five US states and across Europe. I’ve focused my education on the art of assisting people in their own healing.

My first performance was singing “Oh, Susanna” over my autoharp in the first grade. My professional singing career now spans 40 years. I’ve sung in intimate settings and for major festivals throughout the US, Europe, and Central America, appeared on CDs by other musicians, and recorded 6 CDs of my own. I live and work in Arizona.


I work with you in a place of your choosing, where you feel comfortable. We begin by discussing your intention for healing, and continue from there. Sessions last an hour or longer. You recline face up and fully clothed on a massage table. My work may include hands-on, energy work or solely vocalizing.

Workshops / Invocations

I am available to facilitate sessions in a group setting. I have Chanteled gatherings as large as 30 participants. I open events with an invocation/blessing. I also create space for meditation and ritual within the flow of your program.

Cantrell has done Chanteling for me twice, both at important crossroads in my life. Both times her amazing voice and her genuine care for my mind/body/spirit have allowed me to connect with myself at deeper levels than other healing modalities. Cantrell’s gift of Chanteling is profound and magical. I unreservedly recommend her services. —Adrianne Miller

Reach out, I'll reach back.

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