As we mark the milestone of one billion long-lasting insecticidal nets, we want to extend our thanks to the passion, commitment and support of funders, partners, and colleagues. Over the last 25 years, our bed nets have protected some of the most vulnerable communities in the hardest to reach places. The journey to a billion nets began with one step, in a bold and radical direction. But it took many steps, and many partners, to achieve the milestone.

This toolkit provides a range of messages and materials for partners to share their dedication to the fight against malaria and inspire others to get involved. Thank you for your support.


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Our one billionth PermaNet bed net rolled off the production line this month. This is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the steps we have taken together thus far to eliminate malaria. We will not rest until malaria is eliminated.

We want to use this moment to convene allies and new partners to get the fight against malaria back on track. Download the logos and help share the message.

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Key messaging

We have developed a set of comprehensive messages to support your social media messaging.

We believe there is an opportunity to create a sustained conversation, stop the clock and get the fight against malaria back on track. We encourage partners to use these messages to present a unified voice across the community.

⏰ The time to act is now. Funding has stagnated, mosquitoes have become increasingly resistant to insecticides, and the impact of climate change could accelerate the resurgence of malaria in many parts of the world. This is a poignant reminder of the need for closer working relationships across the ecosystem and a renewed commitment to our shared mission.

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We invite our partners to incorporate the following hashtags into your social media posts to actively participate in the ongoing dialogue.

#BillionStepsTogether #StopTheClock #EndMalaria

We also encourage you to tag Vestergaard in your social media posts.

Twitter @vestergaard

LinkedIn @vestergaard

Facebook @vestergaardgroup

Instagram @vestergaardgroup


A number of social media assets related to the Billionth Net are available for partners to use. Example posts and assets for your social channels can be found below. Posts are adaptable for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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Suggested posts

Together we can take more steps 👣 towards a malaria-free world. We are dedicated to providing effective solutions that save lives and support communities. #Stoptheclock #BillionStepsTogether

Malaria is a preventable disease that kills 1 child every minute. We are united to #endmalaria. Every step 👣 counts in our journey to save young lives. 🎯 🦟 #Stoptheclock #BillionStepsTogether

Every mosquito net counts. Empowering communities to make the best use of their nets will make a lasting difference to #stoptheclock ⏰on #malaria.🎯 🦟 #BillionStepsTogether

To #stoptheclock ⏰ on malaria, the world needs equitable access to mosquito nets, increased funding 💵 and innovation.#BillionStepsTogether👣

Malaria and emerging biological threats are creating the perfect storm for malaria ⛈️ We call on world leaders to #invest 💸, #innovate 🔬 and #implement 🎯 for a #ZeroMalaria world. #BillionStepsTogether👣

Suggested posts continued

More than 600,000 people die annually from #malaria, most of whom are children and pregnant women. Why do we endure malaria as a fact of life? Endurance repels change. It’s #timetostoptheclock ⏰ and #endmalaria. #BillionStepsTogether 👣

From groundbreaking research to cutting-edge technology, we're redefining the fight against malaria. #Billionthstepstogether

Failing to bridge the funding gap for malaria means risking millions of lives, particularly in vulnerable communities. We have the tools; now, we need the resources. #Stoptheclock⏰ #BillionStepsTogether👣

With nearly half of the world’s population still at risk of malaria we must #Stoptheclock ⏰. Insecticide resistance demands constant innovation. Innovation is our strongest tool in the fight against malaria. #BillionStepsTogether

Image gallery

A number of images are also available for partners to use in social media content related to the 'A Billion Nets, A Billion Steps Together' campaign. Click to access imagery in the link below.

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About Vestergaard

For more than two decades, Vestergaard has pioneered scientific progress through innovation, technology and multi-sectoral partnerships. We create world-leading products designed to help decrease the number of malaria-related deaths in marginalised communities around the world. Our PermaNet portfolio of high quality long lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN) responds to needs in all malaria-endemic regions. As a certified B corporation, we strive to balance purpose and profit and consider the impact of our decisions on our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment.

Learn more at Vestergaard.com

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