GetCre8ive Becomes An Adobe Education Elite Partner Written by Sarah buendia-reformado | July 27, 2023

In an era where creativity and innovation are paramount for success, educational institutions are continuously seeking the best tools and solutions to empower students and educators alike. At GCC, we're thrilled to announce that our commitment to the educational sector has reached new heights. We have proudly achieved Adobe Education Elite partner status. This achievement not only strengthens our position in the market but also enables us to better serve local educational institutions with top-tier creativity tools from Adobe.

Enriching Educational Institutions

With our new status as an Adobe Gold Reseller - Education Elite partner, GCC's inspired more than ever to enhance the creative experience in educational institutions. As an Education Elite partner, we have access to a wider array of Adobe's tools and services tailored specifically for educators and students. This means we can now offer local educational institutions the most innovative creative software and services.

Empowering Creativity in Education

Creativity in education fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and empowers students to express themselves in unique and meaningful ways. Our journey with Adobe began well before the pandemic, during which we actively collaborated with the educational sector to promote creativity in various initiatives.

  • The First Adobe Edu Summit in the Country: GCC was at the forefront of organizing the country's first Adobe Edu Summit, where educators, industry professionals, and students came together to explore new ways of integrating Adobe's creative tools into the curriculum.
  • Make It Local with iAcademy: Our partnership with iAcademy aimed to bring local relevance to Adobe's creative suite, aligning it with the diverse cultural backgrounds of students, thereby enabling them to create content with a deeper impact.
  • Adobe CC with DepEd: We worked closely with the Department of Education to facilitate the adoption of Adobe Creative Cloud in schools, enriching the learning experience and preparing students for the demands of the digital age.

The Road Ahead

As an Adobe Gold Reseller - Education Elite partner, GCC will continue to collaborate with educators and students, organizing workshops, webinars, and events that nurture creativity and equip the next generation with essential digital skills.