Wi-moto nyoka Arts educator & Community Engagement Director

WI-MOTO NYOKA is a writer and trans-media artist. She is the founder of Dusky Projects, creating and producing horror & sci-fi content for young adult and adult audiences.

As an educator her practice is rooted in Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. Through the use of Speculative Fiction and creative disciplines such as music, film, and performance, Ms Nyoka designs and implements family friendly curriculum and programming to address literacy, creative problem solving, and the importance of youth advocacy. ​ Projects include:

  • Cold Sweat, a chilling coming-of-age anthology about making it to high school in one piece. The series is rooted in inclusivity and representation for young artists and included a screening tour with youth advocacy groups. It's first chapter, "Wham!" was an official selection at MECCAcon International Film Festival, registered under Ava DuVernay's ARRAY, and at Official Latino Short Film Festival where it received nominations for Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble Cast, Best Webisode, and Out of the World Award (Sci-fi/Horror/Fantasy). It was a Semi-Finalist for Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival, and a finalist for the Short & Fresh Hip Hop Halloween on Revolt TV. The film received support from the Puffin Foundation for its youth screening tour and continues to screen at film festivals.
  • Public Music Assembly (P.M.A) which provided music entertainment and workshops for school assemblies, parent teacher workshops, and family engagement events in New York City public middle schools. These events ranged from full high energy concerts to intimate "school desk" performances centering BIPOC artists. The events provided a spectrum of themes to discuss through music and performance that include: bullying, perseverance, self-discipline, fairness, and integrity.
Cast of "Wham!"
Black History Month featuring the award winning one woman show Air Tubman, and prolific Hip Hop artist and educator John Sci Robinson.
Falcon University monthly community engagement at MS 364 with Ladama Project

During her time as Program Manager of Education and Engagement at Little Island, Ms. Nyoka designed and implemented family programming centering BIPOC Speculative Fiction creators and queer teens in NYC through the Little Island Library and Teen Night with The Door.

Currently, she is the executive producer of Black Women Are Scary, a radio-dramatic podcast that celebrates and produces horror stories by BIPOC authors. The podcast includes: story episodes, interviews with up and coming authors, conversations with independent horror makers, and interactive online events (the Macabre Mixer) where listeners meet the author, play games, and have fun. Black Women Are Scary (BWAS) addresses representation and inclusion in the Speculative Fiction industry through employment and celebration of BIPOC authors, sound designers, and voice actors. The project is a recipient of the Awesome Foundation grant and the Velocity Fund grant. BWAS continues to hold space for a diverse group of horror makers and fans.

Want to collaborate?

Contact: info@wi-motonyoka.com

Special thanks to our artistic collaborators: Jam No Peanut, Air Tubman, John Sci Robinson, I Am Steff Reed, Kelsey Pyro, Nakeeba Roots, E9 Productions Ladama Project