Sukkah in the Square Event Details

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"Art of the Sukkah" with Hadassah O-Reilly

Artist Hadassah O'Reilly will provide a tour of the art she painted for the Sukkah

Sing Along with Ros Schwartz (3 different experiences!)

Sabbath/Shabbat Preparations

Join us to hear songs, learn how to braid Challah bread (and try some!), and light candles to help us usher in the Sabbath.

Mazon Canada: Reconciliation, Partnership and Hunger

Representatives from Mazon, Grant Goodman, and Maddy Winterblume will spend time at the Sukkah to answer questions about the foundation's response to hunger in Canada. At 2 p.m., they will present a workshop on Reconciliation from a Minority Faith Perspective.

"Women of the Bible" With Reverend Elizabeth Macdonald


Join KJC President, Debbie Fitzerman and retired United Church of Canada minister, Rev. Elizabeth Macdonald as they encounter Eve, Esther, Miriam, and other women in Hebrew Scripture. Share evolving insights, deepening understandings, and emerging questions from Jewish and Christian perspectives.

Rabbi Polansky: Lulav and Etrog

Rabbi Polansky will explain the four species of Sukkot and how they are used to bless the Sukkah.

Hillel: Schmooze with the Jews

Join the Jewish students in Kingston for some discussion and snacks

Traditional Dance Performance

Traditional Jewish dance with its rich captivating music, has its roots in many dance styles. They range from Eastern European Yiddish, Sefardic (Spanish), Chassidic and Middle Eastern.

The dance group will perform a selection of dances reflecting these varied styles.

After the performance the audience is invited to learn some easy, fun traditional dances.

Storytelling with Jackie Mills: "The Building that Went for a Ride Three Times"

What do you do with an abandoned, small ,wooden prairie synagogue .

Well, if it’s the mid 1900’s, you move it off the vast grasslands to a small town and convert it to a house.

Come and hear the true story, Little Synagogue on the Prairie, read by the author. There are adventures and mysteries as the building was tracked down and restored to a synagogue again, becoming a living museum in Heritage Park, Calgary. This children’s book will delight people of all ages.

Question and answer will follow the reading.

Rita Winkler "My Art My World"

Join Rita for a live painting session where she will demonstrate her technique. Rita and her mother Helen will be available to chat and answer questions. In addition there will be a reading of Rita's book My Art, My World which she co-authored with her mother Helen and her uncle Mark Winkler. Limited numbers of copies of My Art, My World will be available for purchase with proceeds donated to the charity of the day.

Rita Winkler is a woman living with Down syndrome. She was born in Calgary, Alberta, and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The foundation for Rita’s art journey was laid by the excellent art program at DANI-Toronto, her day program. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rita joined a Zoom art class offered by L’Arche London, which introduced her to watercolours as a medium. Watercolours are now Rita’s primary medium, sometimes supplemented with ink and acrylic paint/pens. Rita’s mom, Helen, devises adaptive techniques to allow Rita to overcome disability-related barriers to the art creation process.

Rita, Helen, and her Uncle Mark Winkler collaborated on a children’s book, My Art, My World, recently published by Second Story Press. It tells the story of Rita’s day-to-day life through her art and offers a message of inclusion.

Learn more at ritawinkler.art email: rita@ritawinkler.art

Chabad Student Centre of Kingston

Join Chabad for some Children's programming at 11am, a study session at noon and/or a session for students at 1pm.

Gabriela Rosenblum "Combatting Anti-Jewish Hatred"

Combating Anti-Jewish Hatred: A Working Example

Gordon Dueck "Paved Paradise"

Queen's University History Professor Gordon Dueck will share stories and profiles of little-known local Jewish historical figures.

Fiddlers and Friends

A live musical performance.

With Thanks to our Sponsors

The Kingston Jewish Council wishes to thank each of the speakers listed above who are dedicating their time, donating their travel expenses/materials/equipment, and sharing their tremendous talents with us. We are inspired by your generous contributions!

We also wish to thank the Jewish Federations of Canada for their generous donation