End of Summer Update From the Hendricksons

A lot has happened since our last update in March. We've been busy sharing the love of Christ with our neighbors in Marsh Harbour. It's also been a summer of travel and visitors. So please, scroll through our update. It's better on a computer or in landscape orientation.

Mission Teams

Much of our ministry is done using Jesus' merciful miracles as an example (John 6:2, 26). When we show others mercy, we gain credibility and they are willing to listen to our message. Hosting Mission Teams helps us in our mercy ministry. While they are a lot of work to host, we definitely see the benefit, as our community notices what we are doing, and therefore feel more comfortable engaging with us.

Longview Community Church

Most recent to earliest. Longview Community Church from Washington State, visited and helped us continue hurricane recovery.

They worked on the interior of a home whose owners have been separated from their children for almost 4 years. This family has been working tirelessly to rebuild their home, so they can move their kids back to Abaco with them.

Longview also got to spend time enjoying the Sawmill Sink.

And do some food distribution to some families in need.

Eastminster Presbyterian

from Columbia, SC joined us in July. They brought a large group of students and leaders. They led our G2 program on Wednesday...

...as well as helped us put up walls in the Marsh Harbour Community Center, as our community is still trying to rebuild from Hurricane Dorian. They also shingled a home.

Eastminster got to enjoy a dinner and a lesson at Treasure Cay

Pitt CCO

Our first mission team this summer was a group of athletes from the University of Pittsburgh, and CCO. They played a game of flag football against our local team.

...worked on painting the interior of a home for a family in Dundas Town...

And helped Ricardo shingle the roof of the Marsh Harbour Community Center.

Our Family Travel

Our trip back to the states was short this summer. Carrie and the kids got to (eventually) fly through Tampa and see the giant flamingo...

Barrett flew to Colorado to attend his first EPC General Assembly and hang out with friends. It was a time of refreshment as he got to worship with other elders, and sit around the table to fellowship with great friends and supporters.

We joined Bethany Presbyterian in Mercer, PA, for worship and updated them on our work at Kirk of the Pines.

...and Barrett officiated a wedding for great friends.

After Barrett and Carrie returned to Abaco, the kids visited Florida, and had their first re-entry back to The Bahamas without parents, and brought back a weedwhacker.

Soren and Paisley got to go back with 16 other kids to Eleuthera for a week at Camp Bahamas. This was the second year we sent BYN kids to camp. We are thankful for the help of the Holly Alm Camp Scholarship Fund, which helped make this possible

We know that none of this would be possible without the support of a team of people who love, and pray for us, as well as contribute financially to our ministry. Our island is not immune to the inflationary happenings over the last year, and our cost of living has gone up. We also continue to find new projects which we trust God will provide for through our support team. This year, we've decided to help a young man with his high school tuition. This will be his first opportunity to go to school in 4 years. Would you please consider increasing your support, or pointing us to friends who might have a desire to join our support team?

We also have an upcoming event in Penn Hills to help celebrate CYN's 25 years of ministry.
We had some family visits as well. Carrie's cousins brought their children and helped us continue the work on the Marsh Harbour Community Center, and finish the floor at Agape. They also did some much-needed small engine repair at our house. After Longview Community Church left, Barrett's brother and his family stayed around and had a time of relaxing and sight seeing.


Our daily ministry continues. We have G2 every Wednesday, and pick up 45 kids on the bus to bring them to the Kirk. At G2, they hear the Gospel taught, then break up into smaller groups to discuss the lesson, and apply it to their lives.

One of our main goals is to raise up Bahamian leadership. We've brought a young Bahamian, Mario on as our Student Leadership Leader. He is responsible for teaching and discipling our student leadership team.

We continue to use our house as a place where we can do ministry, and meet with people.

We partner with other ministries on the island to help show unity in the church. Carrie and Cortina finished the last month of the school year as 2nd grade teachers at Agape Christian School, as there was a staff need.


We love our friends, and spend quite a bit of time with them, often playing pick-up volleyball.

One of our favorite activities is watching SpaceX throwing rockets into space...especially just after twilight.

Prayer Requests

  • Paisley is starting her 5th school in 5 years
  • Cortina is entering her final year at Liberty University Online Academy and has some college decisions to make
  • Soren is entering what The Bahamas considers High School at Agape
  • Marissa's health and support in Pittsburgh
  • Carrie and Barrett taking on some more leadership roles at Agape Christian School
  • More supporters to help financially further our ministry in Abaco and the CYN as a whole
  • God has graciously shown us potential leaders...pray that we would steward relationships wisely as we look for Bahamians to lead the Kirk and BYN
  • It's hurricane season, and while it looks like we are safe for now, each storm in the Atlantic brings some concern for our neighbors.
We'd never be here without your support. Thanks for your prayers and your gifts. You are as much of a part of the ministry in Abaco as we are. Thanks for helping us represent Christ's church here in Marsh Harbour. Let us know how we can pray for you by emailing at hendricksonmission@gmail.com.