ANIME YANKII 2401 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX 75067. Suite 2142.

j0! We're Anime Yankii.

We're an import anime shop now located in The Vista Shopping Center in Lewisville, TX just north of Dallas. We carry official mainstream anime goods with a niche focus on Yaoi, BL, LGBTQIA+, and Otome. We only deal with legit imported goods, so no bootlegs here. We're also the home of Fully Artomatic / Art Club.

We’ve been all over Texas and some parts of Oklahoma including San Antonio, Austin, and Tulsa. You may remember us from conventions such as AnimeFest, San Japan, IKKiCON, Tokyo, OK, and Ushicon. Yes, we finally got our shop!

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Entrance 6 is by 54th Street Restaurant.

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Art Markets / MallCon

One of the reasons why we got the store at The Vista Shopping Center was access to the various event spaces. We saw an opportunity to bring a bit of the convention scene to the general public. Plus it would allow us to slow down the road grind of the busy convention circus.

February 2024

So now we have a permanent "dealer booth" at indoor venue with ample free parking. We're running events regularly now; some larger than others. So check out the link below for details about our next show. They'll always be free for attendees and always affordable for artists and vendors. We're not looking to be the biggest nerdy event in the area. Just a community of local artists and vendors looking to find and connect with their audience.

Opened May-ish 2022

The Red Walls: A Backstory

Luan gets very extra ideas late at night and can be very convincing. Ruby finds him adorable.

… That’s pretty much it. 🤷

Digital Concept Mockup

We went into the project with a general idea of what we were looking for. Use the paint as both color and adhesive to create a background texture for products and displays. It’s a real life Photoshop multiply layer effect.

This is from an unfinished project from WAY back when. It was going to be a Shepard Fairey style piece but with Ranma 1/2. The pages here are from an old Viz Ranma 1/2 comic. This is essentially the proof of concept that the walls are based on.

The Process

First attempt and made a huge mess. But that’s part of our process: it may not be a perfect start but it’s a start. There's no tutorial for us to follow; just a proof of concept from years ago. We'll learn along the way.
Found a way to save our backs. The start of the “murder table”.
We eventually remembered that painters’ tape exist and starting using it all over.
We initially wanted different tones walls. But figured the grey paint and grey line art would disappear into each other. Plus it could close off the space with large dark walls. After some brainstorming and time to think it over, we went with some drip-drip. Plus it would break up the intensity of the red without losing any saturation.
Final wall done! We've been painting for so long we forget what it was like before painting. We're going to need time to readjust to a non-painting lifestyle.

The Convention Life

We're life long convention nerds; working staff roles even as wee children. There are stories from the pre-cordless phone times that involve cookie bribes to take notes across the convention to other staff members. Memories of walking through half empty convention halls during setup time, barely able to see over the tables. That's how long this goes back. We've worked a myriad of convention jobs. From deep into the staff ranks such as guest relations and programming; all the way to more customer facing roles such as security and vendor. This is just a glimpse into our road life over the past two decades.

Thanks for scrolling all the way down here!