skyCLUB POLICY MANUAL 2023 uga home football season

Welcome to the 2023 Georgia Football Home Season! We are so excited to host you in the SkyClub during the upcoming season, with our first home game held on Saturday, September 2nd.

This policy manual contains all policies, procedures, and expectations SkyClub ticket holders and guests are expected to uphold on game day.

Sanford Stadium Ticket Policies

  • All SkyClub game tickets will be on a mobile platform.
  • A valid (unused, unscanned) mobile ticket is required to enter Sanford Stadium.
  • A mobile ticket will be required for all individuals, regardless of age.
  • Mobile tickets are NOT to be printed. Printed tickets will not be accepted at the gates.
  • Mobile tickets may be transferred via the online account.
  • Re-entry is not permitted into Sanford Stadium. Guests who leave Sanford Stadium must have a valid un-scanned mobile ticket to re-enter.
  • If you are experiencing ticket issues, visit the Sanford Stadium Will Call window, located on East Campus Road between Gates 5 and 6 on game day, or contact them at 706-542-1231.

Sanford Stadium Gates & Entry Policies

  • For the 2023 home season, Gates to Sanford will open two (2) hours prior to kick-off.
  • The Sanford Stadium Clear Bag Policy is in effect for the 2022 home season.

Please note: Field Street will close 2.5 hours prior to kick-off to accommodate pedestrian traffic.

SkyClub Location & Hours of Operation

  • The SkyClub is located between sections 327 and 335 on the 300 level of the South side of Sanford Stadium.
  • The SkyClub will open at gates open, two (2) hours prior to kick-off, and will close one (1) hour post-game.

SkyClub Entry Process

  • SkyClub guests are recommended to enter Sanford Stadium via Southwest Tower or Gate 7A located on Field Street on the South side of Sanford Stadium.
  • Guests will have their SkyClub mobile tickets scanned and clear bags checked by the security staff located on gate level.
  • Once SkyClub guests have entered Sanford Stadium, they will access the SkyClub via Elevators "L" and "M" from Southwest Tower or Elevator "I" at Gates 7A.
  • Upon entering the SkyClub, a Georgia Athletic Hospitality staff member will scan the mobile SkyClub tickets for a second time. This second scan is called an Access Verification scan.
  • Each guest will be wristbanded at entry after their tickets have been verified.
  • Wristbands must be worn at ALL times.

SkyClub Re-Entry Process

  • Should SkyClub guests desire to access the general seating area of Sanford Stadium, they will be required to show their mobile ticket and have the correct wristband upon re-entry to the SkyClub.
  • Guests must utilize Elevator "I", to access the general seating of Sanford Stadium. Elevators "L" and "M", located on the West end of SkyClub, will not provide access into the stadium.

Georgia Athletic Hospitality

  • Georgia Athletic Hospitality is the Premium Seating management provider for the UGA Athletic Association.
  • Georgia Athletic Hospitality staff, known as Ambassadors, are hospitality event support staff dedicated to providing all premium seating guests with exceptional customer service.
  • Notify an Ambassador or Georgia Athletic Hospitality Manager if you need assistance during your time in the SkyClub.

Proof of the Pudding

Proof of the Pudding is the exclusive caterer for the SkyClub at Sanford Stadium.

2023 Game Day Menus

  • A chef-selected buffet will be served in the SkyClub beginning at gates open, two (2) hours prior to kickoff, and will cease at the end of the 3rd Quarter.
  • Menus for the 2023 Home Season can be viewed at the button below.
  • Soda Fountains including Coca-Cola products: Dasani Water, Coffee, Tea, and Lemonade will be available within the SkyClub.
  • Beer and wine will be available for purchase in the SkyClub beginning at gates open and will cease at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

C&C Janitorial Services

C&C Janitorial Services is the exclusive janitorial services provider for the SkyClub.

If you need cleaning assistance or if any area of the SkyClub requires attention at any time, please notify a C&C Janitorial Services staff member and they would be happy to assist you.

Stadium People

Stadium People is the exclusive security provider for the Premium Seating gates as well as the SkyClub.

Stadium People staff will scan your SkyClub mobile tickets and check your clear bags upon entry at Southwest Tower and Gate 7A.

Stadium People staff will also be available within the SkyClub to provide assistance to guests on game day as needed.

SkyClub Alcohol Policy

  • Underage drinking is strictly prohibited. Guests must be 21 years old to consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Alcoholic beverage will be available for purchase in the SkyClub beginning at gates open, two (2) hours prior to kickoff, and ceasing at the end of the 3rd Quarter.
  • Guests must present a valid I.D. at each transaction.
  • Two (2) alcoholic beverages may be purchased in each transaction.
  • No alcoholic beverages may leave the SkyClub or Sanford Stadium at any time.
  • Guests seen entering stairwells or elevators with alcoholic beverages or passing alcoholic beverages to patrons in the general seating bowl will be asked to dispose of the beverage or risk ejection from the SkyClub and Sanford Stadium.
  • Intoxication and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Guests abusing the Alcohol Policy risk ticket revocation an ejection from the SkyClub and Sanford Stadium.

SkyClub & Sanford Stadium Guest Conduct & Expectations

  • All SkyClub ticket holders and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a thoughtful and courteous manner at all times.
  • Any guests displaying unsuitable behavior, including but not limited to: abusive acts, vulgar behavior, intoxication, or disorderly conduct, may be removed from Sanford Stadium and risk revocation of tickets.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Tobacco products, including the use of e-cigarettes, are not permitted in Sanford Stadium. UGA is a smoke/tobacco free campus.
  • Any violation of the SkyClub or Sanford Stadium policies will result in ejection and revocation of mobile tickets. The UGA Athletic Association reserves the right to revoke your SkyClubtickets at any time.

Student Athletes & NCAA Compliance

  • Per the NCAA, current UGA student-athletes and their family members are NOT permitted to be guests in the premium areas.
  • All SkySuite holders and guests are expected to follow all NCAA policies.


  • In the case of an emergency, notify a Georgia Athletic Hospitality staff member immediately. Georgia Athletic Hospitality will notify EMTs and on-site medical staff.
  • The first aid room is located on the 200-Level concourse on behind the Press Box near section 229.

Lost Child

If you fail to locate your child, please notify a Georgia Athletic Hospitality staff member. Georgia Athletic Hospitality will notify authorities to assist.

Fire Protocol

  • In the case of a fire, the SkyClub is equipped with fire detection and alarm systems.
  • Please follow the instruction of the Georgia Athletic Hospitality staff should a fire emergency occur.

Severe Weather

  • Should inclement weather arise, please follow the instructions of the Georgia Athletic Hospitality Staff.
  • If necessary, seek shelter away from windows and in the restrooms in the SkyClub.

Updates for the continuation of the game will be announced by the University of Georgia Athletic Association.

Emergency Evacuations

If a full evacuation is necessary, uniformed personnel and Georgia Athletic Hospitality staff will direct patrons to the nearest exit.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the 2023 home football season operation of the SkyClub, please contact the staff at the Georgia Athletic Hospitality Office and they will be happy to assist you.