ÜBER MICH Sacha R. Mathys

My name is Sacha R. Mathys. With all my heart i am a father and husband. I love My wonderful wife and my three wonderful children from the bottom of my Heart.

You actually always see me with colorful shoes. When I'm not sitting at the computer with a pen in my hand, I like to spend my time with my family, outside in the garden or cutting up massive tree trunks with the Australia Mill.

Rettouching is my craft my passion and my vocation.

The world of images is my daily bread. For 8 years I have been retouching / editing pictures for various photographers and agencies from home and abroad.

I am always at work with much joy and love.

My offer

  • From Basic to High-end portrait, beauty, fashion and commercial retouching
  • From Basic to High-end image composing
  • Clipping Path & Masking of all kind of product & object
  • Image look development
  • 360 ° panoramastiching for web and VR
  • Shooting and project planning with the photographer
  • Shooting guide on location or in the studio
  • Retouching training

My philosophy

To retouch for a photographer it’s a process of getting to know the photographer’s style and respecting it, to make the work unique to their style and bringing life to the photographers vision.

It is self-evident to me to respect my source material and the work of all participants. Because as a retoucher I am not concerned about me in orders to realize itself.

Photos © Severin Novacki
It is about using my abilities to realize the wishes of the customer.

For me, retouching means looking at a good image, reflecting it, and then perfecting it. Good starting material is essential here.

"You can make a good picture to an outstanding picture, but not a bad picture to a good one."
Photos © Christian Geisler

A good concept is the basis.

I make all the steps of my workflow for a specific reason, dividing each theme into five important aspects: composition, light / shadow, color, contrasts, and microcontrasts (texture).

Photos © Dirk Seidler

One of my strengths is working in a non-destructive workflow. This gives you an enormous advantage for every project, you can always follow and adapt every step. This procedure saves a lot of time.

I always carry out my clients' projects with passion, attention to detail and high quality requirements.

© Victorinox

Things i learned in creative Business

The most important thing I learned in all the years as an image editor. Do not retouch everything, just because you can.

Photo © Peter Eichenberger
"As in life you have never been taught in Photoshop"

I continue to develop my techniques and learn new ones, exchange ideas with professionals from the industry and keep up-to-date with my network.