An Evening Of Jazz


Chris Gumbley & Al Gurr

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Saxophones & Piano
"Much Ado" is something a bit different.
It's a show aimed at people who don't necessarily like jazz!
(as well as those who do!)
Really? Let us explain.

After years on the road we have lost track of the number of concert-goers complaining that much jazz is aloof, self-indulgent and lacking in any real melodic content: jazz which is sometimes sarcastically referred to as 'Meet-me-at-the-end-Jazz'.

As a result, we revisit some much-loved (mostly) jazz classics and present them with a lot of energy so that the audience not only feel more involved, but also gain an insight into how jazz musicians work on stage. If you add to that a large dose of dry humour you'll hopefully start to get a feel for what our performance is all about.


Watch 'much ado' in action
Audience Quotes
“An exciting jazz duo whose comical timing is as good as their musical timing”
“Jazz fans relished in the exciting renditions of the different standards and yet the non-jazz fans were still completely engaged in the music”
“I dislike jazz, but I loved that!”
“Al and Chris had us in fits of laughter but not because of the music”
“They managed to convert an audience who were sceptical about improvisation to being jazz lovers by the end of the night!”
"The playing was sparkling!
“I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to have opened the festival. It was an amazing opening night and set a wonderful precedent for the whole weekend” John Barber, 3 Shires Festival
“Thank you so much for your performance. It was great, and by using that much over-used word I mean sky-scrapingly towering!...........
"Music is a language and many musicians perform from prepared scripts, but Much Ado have a beautifully huge vocabulary almost beyond comprehension, taking the listener to the highest peaks of eloquent speech, free-flowing and without restriction.” John Lexington Muskham Community Centre
“One of the best music experiences enjoyed at Brocton Hall Golf Club, and we have had a few in the last 6 years” Dave Robertson

Feedback from Arts Alive Project

What type of venues will this suit?

Much Ado is suited not only to jazz venues, but to classical and acoustic music clubs wanting to try something a bit different without frightening their members!

Because we are a duo, providing our own P.A. and lights, this makes us an attractive and economical option for promoters trying to make ends meet.

As an addition to our show we can also provide jazz workshops for any age or standard of playing. This can work well on the same day as our show.

Promoters' Questions

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