Our mission is simple: to nurture, empower and inspire young women to build a better future for themselves.

Since 1976, The Prince’s Trust has continued in its belief that every young person should have the chance to succeed. Across our global network, we support 11 to 30-year-olds in 23 countries who are facing multiple barriers to progressing with their lives. 

The Prince’s Trust delivers self-development and employability programs, enabling young women to progress, empowering them to go as far as their talents will take them, breaking cycles of poverty and discovering new aspirations.

Our Prince’s Trust global network of support for young people includes The Prince’s Trust in the UK, Prince’s Trust International, Prince’s Trust Australia, Prince’s Trust New Zealand, Prince’s Trust Canada and Prince’s Trust USA. In each Prince’s Trust country we have already had success in supporting young women, but our aspiration is to join together to create a truly global campaign to support young women.

Globally, our aim is to raise $25 million over 5 years. We are soft launching our initiative in New York on 29th September 2023 but the official launch of the five year campaign will be International Women’s Day 2024.

Funds raised through this campaign will be used to help us enhance our efforts to open pathways to success for the young women we support around the world.

In the US, we plan to leverage these funds to:

  • Achieve gender parity in our program delivery
  • Establish a seed fund for female-founded businesses emerging from the delivery of Enterprise Challenge in the US
  • Develop a business mentoring program
  • Create a Development Award fund to help young women facing practical barriers to careers by funding items such as laptops, childcare, qualifications, or travel

With your investment, we can help young women to transform their lives, discover their untapped potential and build their confidence.

The Current Climate for Young Women

Women and girls around the world tend to face a range of disproportionate challenges that can have a detrimental impact on their lives and prospects.

Globally, more boys than girls are able to enter education and complete their studies. As a result of societal norms about appropriate courses of study for men and women, many young women lack the digital literacy needed to participate in an increasingly digital world. According to The Prince’s Trust's 2023 Future of Work survey, only 50% of young women felt they had the skills they need for a digital job (compared to 65% of young men).

Women are more likely to be unemployed than their male counterparts. Their economic participation is often undervalued and restricted, and as a result they are overrepresented in precarious, unpaid, and informal labor positions such as domestic and care work. The 2023 Future of Work survey found that 74% of young women have not had a pay rise that has been enough to keep up with the rising cost of living (compared to 66% of young men).

Women continue to be outnumbered by men in senior leadership positions across all industries, holding only about 32% of all Director, Vice-President, or C-suite positions. make up less than a third of leadership positions, according to the World Economic Forum's "Global Gender Gap Report 2023".

Sources: Fig. 1 and 4 - International Labour Organisation, World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2023 (ilo.org) | Fig. 2 -The Prince’s Trust (2022), An Upskill Struggle (princestrustglobal.org) | Fig. 3 - World Bank (2023), Her future is digital (worldbank. org)

The Covid-19 pandemic has only amplified gender-specific labor gaps. In particular, women and girls are more likely to:

  • Be out of school - It is estimated that 11 million girls in developing countries may never return to school following the pandemic.
  • Be at risk of child marriage - 2020 saw the biggest surge in child marriage rates in 25 years. Half a million girls were at risk of child marriage in 2020 with a further 2.5 million girls projected to be at risk by 2025.
  • Be unemployed or in informal/low-paid jobs - It is estimated that women make up almost two fifths of the global labor force but have suffered more than half of total job losses from the crisis.


The challenging landscape young women face means that our support is more important than ever. We are adapting our work to meet this need and to reach those most in need.

We focus on supporting young women around the world who are most in need and who face adversity in the transition from childhood to adulthood.

This includes young women from areas with greater economic deprivation, from minority ethnic backgrounds, those leaving the care system, dealing with disability or mental health challenges, or the domestic and sexual violence that young women are more likely to experience. Our work falls under three core areas, underpinned by aims to improve self-esteem, wellbeing and confidence.


Our aim is to offer support and build aspirations for young women who may not thrive in mainstream education. Girls experience a greater drop in self-esteem and wellbeing during secondary schooling than boys, severely impacting their confidence. Through our Education work we prepare young women to leave education with key skills for life, confidence in their potential, and strong foundations for future careers.


Young women are more likely to experience barriers to employment such as being a single parent, having caring responsibilities or facing issues with childcare. The Prince’s Trust’s Employability programs support young women into employment or training and to overcome the challenges they experience in securing sustainable and well-paid work. Our employability programs include a comprehensive package of employability, life skills and vocational skills training.


The Prince’s Trust is an expert organization in the business start-up support sector, helping to give young women opportunities to explore self-employment, to build knowledge, skills and confidence to start-up and grow their own businesses.

Through our Enterprise programs, we equip young women with role models, access to finance and networks to offer young women the opportunity to create more flexible working arrangements through self-employment, which can help them overcome some of the barriers of traditional employment.


  • In 2022/2023 Prince's Trust supported over 40,000 young women globally
  • 70% of young women who participated on programs were in work, education or training after 3 months


For International Women's Day 2023, The Prince’s Trust united some of the UK's much-loved brands who committed to #ChangeAGirlsLife by donating a portion of proceeds from specific products to The Prince's Trust's work helping thousands of young women across the UK build a better future for themselves.

Inspired by the iconic female character, Minnie Mouse, Disney x George at Asda was a collaboration celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary in support of The Prince's Trust #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign.

The partnership featured a three-day ‘Get Started’ program to support young people breaking into the world of product design, followed by a six-month mutual mentorship program and fun photo shoot.

Products were developed by participants around the theme of equality, strength and empowerment. Program participants also engaged in numerous storytelling and content creation opportunities, activated through multiple channels including POS, social media, online and PR.

The partnership received significant coverage, including features on This Morning, Lorraine, Grazia, Stylist and The Sun.

The strong sales performance of products produced through this collaboration resulted in £100,000 donated to #ChangeAGirlsLife.

Amal Clooney Women’s Empowerment Award

The Amal Clooney Women’s Empowerment Award celebrates the achievements of inspirational young women around the world, highlighting the work of those who have succeeded against the odds to make a lasting difference in their communities.

This annual global award - sponsored by Prince’s Trust Ambassador for Enterprise, Charlotte Tilbury - aims to celebrate unsung heroes who are the driving force behind initiatives that are helping their communities to thrive.

Meet Zamana - 2023 Winner of Amal Clooney's Women Empowerment Award

‘This award means so much to me. Every girl in my community has a dream for her future, just like girls all over the world,’ Zamana explains. "Education gives them the opportunity to follow their dreams and build a better future for themselves, their family and their community. When girls drop out of school early, they lose that opportunity. My dream is for more girls to stay in school."

A vocal champion of girls’ education, Zamana (17) launched a campaign to support and encourage girls to stay in school – building on the public speaking and communication skills that she developed over the course of the Enterprise Challenge program.

This Prince’s Trust International program, delivered in East Africa with the Asante Africa Foundation, gives participants the chance to hone their entrepreneurship, communication and problem-solving skills while developing and pitching their own business ideas.

In Zamana’s home country of Tanzania, almost a third of girls are married by the time they turn 18. Within her community, as elsewhere, many girls drop out of school because of early marriage or pregnancy. Zamana’s campaign, ‘Allow Me To Study,’ focuses on influencing two main groups: schoolgirls and their parents. She initiates and leads conversations that stress that school-aged girls should not yet become wives and mothers, and should instead focus on completing their education.

Support our Women's Campaign

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but we know there is still more to do to help young women facing great adversity. We would welcome the opportunity to build bespoke partnerships through strategic philanthropy and corporate investment to further our impact on the lives of young women and girls.

With your support, we can help young women to transform their lives, discover their untapped potential and build their confidence by participating in Prince’s Trust programming.

For more information, please contact Chrissy Besheer at chrissy.besheer@princestrust.us