St Mary's College Newsletter TERM 3 - VERSION 2

Message from the Principal

Ngaji gurrjin!

As we find ourselves in the eighth week of Term Three, and it is heartening to reflect on the achievements and moments of growth that our students and staff have experienced during this time. The journey of learning continues to be a remarkable one, filled with opportunities for personal development, academic excellence, and community engagement. Our students have so many opportunities and experiences, some of which are outlined in this newsletter and on our facebook page. We have experienced success, learning and growth on the sports field, in our classrooms, on the stage and on country.

We have enjoyed some wonderful community events such as our P&F Sunday Funday, our Fathers Day celebrations and our Taiji Immersion Programme to shine a light on just a couple of these. We really are blessed with the very best community.

We are busily planning and preparing for a wonderful 2024 with your children. We are planning to make a smooth transition for our Year 6 students to move to our secondary campus and our Kindy and new Year 7 students are busily interviewing and preparing for their transition year on both campuses. It has been wonderful meeting with families and finding out all about their children, along with their dreams and goals for their educational journey at our College.

We have also made some exciting appointments for new and exisiting leadership roles for 2024 that we look forward to sharing with our community shortly.

I would like to express my gratitude to our students, staff, and parents for their unwavering support and commitment to the St. Mary's College community.

Together, we continue to foster an environment of learning, growth, and compassion with a listening heart. We have so much to be grateful and thankful for.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff or me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to further enrich the St. Mary's College experience.

Wishing you all a wonderful remainder of Term Three we have so much to achieve and celebrate as we lead into holidays.


Principal - Coby Rhatigan


REMINDER: Please park in parking bays only – not on pathways or grassed areas. As always this is to ensure everyone’s access and safety during busy drop off and pick up times.


Last Thursday the Kindy and PrePrimary students and teachers hosted a BEAUTIFUL morning in the early years for our Fathers and Father figures. It was sooooo joy-filled and very special for everyone. It is certainly what makes SMC so very special for our families, students and staff!

Happy Fathers Day to all the men (dads, uncles, grandfathers and big brothers!) that help grow and role model to our children how to be good people. We thank you and feel blessed to have you a part of our community!

Assistant Principal Primary - Sara Burroughs

Whole College Father's Day Celebration

The St Mary’s College community celebrated Father’s Day on Friday 1st of September.

The whole college event welcomed important male figures in our children’s lives to celebrate the special day with a sausage sizzle lunch, a variety of activities and the annual primary student’s vs parents Football matches!!

Winners of the football matches were as follows:

  • Years 1 -3 – students
  • Years 4 -6 – parents

A big thank you to all the family members who attended, teachers for their great organisation and the Football Futures Foundation for their partnership with St Mary’s and setting up the amazing soccer activity.

Assistant Principal Primary - Antonietta Scriva

Pre-Primary Yingarliwa Assembly

On Monday of Week 6, Yingaliwa students performed their assembly all about the book ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers. The students shared their own wishes as well as singing a beautiful song called "Catch a Falling Star".

Teacher - Darcy Pickett

Year 2 Bilari Assembly

The Year 2 Bilari class had the great pleasure of opening the much-anticipated book week for 2023 during the Week 6 Primary assembly. As this year's theme for book week was, “Read, Grow and Inspire” it gave our class great ideas to choose a poem and a song that helped represent this theme.

As a class we chose the poem, “Open a book” and the song “When you’re a reader, you’re a leader”, both these pieces were well rehearsed, and the students loved learning the words. Despite only having 14 students on the day, the kids worked hard on making sure they articulated all their words, they ended up sounding amazing.

This term during guided reading sessions, the Year 2 students have worked really hard at practising their fluency when reading aloud, as well as using different reading strategies to help them comprehend the text they are reading. Book week was a fabulous way of bringing silent, partner and whole class reading to the class each day.

The kids loved the week and of course, absolutely loved being a part of the dress parade!

Teacher - Annie Gooch

Year 3 Jalangardi Mass

Year 3 Jarlangardi presented mass on Friday the 18th of August. We celebrated the theme of children and included some beautiful gospel stories around Jesus and his love for children. Afterwards, both Year 3 classes shared a delicious morning tea.

Teacher - Emily Hagan 

Science Fair

St. Mary's College Primary recently buzzed with an infectious energy as students, parents, and teachers gathered to celebrate the school's annual science fair. This year's theme, "Innovation, powering future industries," ignited the imaginations of young minds, leading to an impressive showcase of creativity, intellect, and curiosity.

The event marked yet another milestone in the school's commitment to nurturing a love for science and innovation among its students. From Kindergarten to Year 5, the participants demonstrated not only their understanding of scientific concepts but also their ability to apply them in innovative ways.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the fair was the evident growth and independence displayed by the students. As the years have gone by, the quality of the projects has continued to improve, reflecting the dedication and hard work put in by both the students and their teachers. Each project was a testament to the collaborative efforts between the students and their mentors, highlighting the school's commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment.

The fair showcased a wide range of projects that explored the intersection of science, technology, and industry. From renewable energy solutions to smart agriculture techniques, and from advanced materials to futuristic transportation concepts, the projects spanned a multitude of disciplines, all with a common goal: envisioning a better, more innovative future.

This exceptional event would not have been possible without the generous support of numerous sponsors. St. Mary's College would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to Urban Rampage, Paw Paw Pet Store, McKend - Block and Pavers, Australia Post, Kmart, Harvey Norman, Broome International Airport, Betta Electrical, Matt's Filipino Cuisine, and Green Mango Cafe for their invaluable contributions. Their commitment to education and the betterment of the community has played a pivotal role in making this science fair a resounding success.

The fair culminated in a grand awards ceremony the following week that recognised the outstanding efforts of the young scientists. The winners of each category were as follows:

  • Kindergarten: Winner - Maggie Walsh
  • Primary: Winner - Haley James
  • Year 1: Winners - Tyson Symes and Grace Walsh; Runner-up – Windy Bothalage Fernando
  • Year 2: Winner - Harry Wilson; Runner-ups - Dudley Michael, Edie Eaton, and Jessica Gregory
  • Year 3: Winners - Isla Wright and Luis Bunting; Runner-ups - Felix Aamodt, Isabel Gannon, Edward Mackenzie, Theodore Windle, and Samuel Walsh
  • Year 4: Winner - Reuban Taverner; Runner-ups - Torah Langthorn, Samuel Bunting, Imogen Wilson, and Ia Kim
  • Year 5: Winner - Lauren Toohey; Runner-ups - Dillon Keenan and Anelia Sibosado, Ivy O'Connor, and Cassandra Earle

These young minds have not only showcased their knowledge but also their passion for innovation. They have proven that innovation is not confined to age; it is a universal language that transcends boundaries.

St. Mary's College Primary's annual science fair continues to be a beacon of inspiration, encouraging students to dream big, think creatively, and work diligently towards shaping a brighter future. As we applaud the successes of this year's event, we eagerly anticipate the strides that future science fairs will undoubtedly bring.

Teacher - Jacob Windle

Spelling Bee Competition

On Tuesday St Mary’s held their first SMC Spelling Bee on the primary campus.

Students from year 2-6 competed against each other in range of games including the whiteboard challenge, speed spell, dictionary dash and boggle. It was fantastic to see students go out of their comfort zone and try their best in the area of Spelling.

Congratulations to the Year level champion and runner up:

  • Year 2: Scarlett Blight and Masonrey Saraza
  • Year 3: Felix Aamodt and Blake Carlton
  • Year 4: Lila Sibosado and Reuben Taverner
  • Year 5: Joseph Mitchell and Ivy O’Connor
  • Year 6: Jonni Ockerby and Slade Sibosado

From these results, based on their scores, the following students will be competing at the interschool spelling competition in Week 9:

  • Year 2: Scarlett and Masonrey
  • Year 3/4: Lila and Reuben
  • Year 5/6: Jonni and Joseph

This followed on from students competing in the Prime Minister’s Spelling bee where two students, Jonni Ockerby and Reuben Taverner, have qualified for the state finals which was held this week. We look forward to hearing their results.

Congratulations to all of the students who competed, and we wish the interschool team all the best in week 9.

Teachers- Rose Mitchell & Noreen McKee

Primary House Athletics Carnival

The Primary House Athletics Carnival on Friday Week 4 saw students take to the secondary oval in their house colours, competing in team games, track & jump events. It was a great day with all students trying their best and cheering loudly.

Well done to Barbier House for taking out the win and to all our competitors and champions! Mr Ben would like to thank all of the Primary staff, volunteers and our fantastic grounds team for making the day a great success.

Teacher - Ben Goldie

Stories Under the Stars

Another magical night celebrating our love of stories and storytelling! What could be better than snuggling up with your friends and some pizza, listening to some very skilful people bringing stories to life?

We had some brilliant storytellers sharing their favourites, from Mr Jake and ‘The Book with No Words’ to Ms Kerry Anne Jordinson, a local author /illustrator with ‘Looking for Bobby’ and Ms Mel with her favourite childhood story, ‘The Hill and the Rock’.

There was something for everyone and the big finale with Ms Sarah and her magic fire was truly a highlight. It was a fabulous evening and a huge thanks to everyone who was part of it!

Continuing into BOOK WEEK

Book Week at Primary

What an experience! Beginning with the visits to the Public Library to see and hear talented author/illustrator Aska to the launch of our beautiful new banner, the magical Stories under the Stars and the wonderful Book Parade, it was a Book Week to remember.

There were so many highlights – the enchanting poem and song from Year 2 Bilari to launch Book Week, the variety of stories at Story Night, the creativity of the costumes in the Book Parade and overall, the delight on the faces of our children at each event. Book Week is a wonderful celebration which I hope will continue for many years to come! Read, Grow, Inspire!

Library Manager Primary - Dianne Leitch

Year 8 Combined Japanese Class

Ms Cara and Ms Marie’s year 8 Japanese language classes are half way through their lessons for the year. Students have been learning how to read and write using the Japanese syllabary, conversations with others and how to cook Japanese food. Students are also learning about the history and geography of Japan.

We are so blessed to have Ms Kiki join the LOTE team and work with the students, supporting their learning. Students have also been applying their numeracy skills to convert prices from Australian dollars to Japanese Yen. We were happy to meet our Japanese exchange visitors in August to who helped us to further enrich our learning and speaking practise.

Teacher - Cara Webling

Pottery Wheels - Thank you P&F

The visual arts team has been so excited about our new pottery wheels, donated by the P & F. Students have been enjoying learning about producing a variety of ceramic vessels on the wheel.

Students from years 8-10 have been learning different skills in small group lessons and 1:1 demonstrations.

The students and teachers are very grateful for this new addition to the learning offered at the College.

Teacher - Marie Little & ATA - Carlene Smith

Year 8 Geography Field Trip

Earlier this term, Year 8 HASS classes undertook some fieldwork as part of their Geography unit on place and liveability. On this excursion students were required to observe and record examples of coastal management strategies, landforms and features using a range of geographical field skills including field sketching, data recording and note-taking.

This was a fabulous opportunity to take learning out of the classroom and out around our beautiful town.

Teacher - Ben Court

Year 8 HASS Excursion to Cable Beach (Walmanyjun)

On Wednesday the 16th of August, Miss Cherie and Miss Brighid’s Year 8 HASS classes headed to Cable Beach as part of the preparation for their Geography assessment. On this excursion, the students used their geographic skills to work on their planning booklet for the assessment task. In this planning booklet, the students created their very own field sketch of Cable Beach and took down field notes about the landforms and landscape of our beautiful coastline, all whilst exploring the grassed area near Zanders with their friends. It was a beautiful day for students to venture out of the classroom and get some practical work under their belts!

“It was fun to do something outside of a classroom and to get out and get ideas for our assignment. It was also nice that we got to do it with our friends and sit down and chat. It was a great experience to get out and do something different.” Oliver Walls – Year 8

“Going to Cable Beach to do our HASS assignment was a calming experience. To get out of the classroom to do something practical and hands-on to help with our learning was great!” Olivia Russell and Yuane Coppins – Year 8

ECU Pre-Service Teacher - Hayley Ferguson 

Secondary House Athletics Carnival

Our Athletics House Carnival was held on Friday 18th August, with an increase in the temperature but a strong breeze to cool our athletes so they could perform and showcase their talents. The format of the carnival continued this year with allowing all students to enter any event they wished, with no number of competitors capped for each event. The result of this saw record number of students participating, with lots of heats in the lower years of the track events and a very fun and relaxed vibe across the day.

Broome Little Athletics continued to support this year with timing gates for recording the track events for improved and accurate times which was received very well by the athletes. Several records were broken during the day and a list of these are below.

It was also great to see a huge amount of parent support on the day and the students really appreciated having their families and friends to spectate and cheer them on in their events.

Below is a list of all the Champions for each year group and the house results for the carnival.

  • Records broken on the day:
  • Tyreece Dwyer- Yr7 Discus - 20.67m
  • Heather Archer- Yr8 800m - 3:01:16
  • Annabella Thompson- Yr9 Discus - 29.98m
  • Annabella Thompson- Yr9 Shot Put - 9.53m
  • Keanu Crispin- Yr9 800m - 2:29:16
  • Zaiazlyn Hart- Yr9 High Jump - 1.73m
  • Nevada Croft- Open 800 -3:03:13
  • David Pigram- Open High Jump - 1.78m
  • Year Champions
  • Year 7 Girls: 1. Jessica Fletcher 2. Zahra Bin Kali 3. Abigail Nairn
  • Year 7 Boys: 1. Tyreece Dwyer 3. Kobe Hart 3. Aaron Cox
  • Year 8 Girls: 1. Heather Archer 2. Virginia Balacky 3. Lylha Shadforth
  • Year 8 Boys: 1. Kobie Yarran 2. Jame Mitchell 3. Delton Seela
  • Year 9 Girls: 1. Annabella Thompson 2. Atiyah Barnes 3. Shannola Cox
  • Year 9 Boys: 1. Zaiazlyn Hart 2. Keanu Crispin 3. Drey Collins
  • Year 10 Girls: 1. Azeeliah Isaac 2. Jorani Pigram 3. Charlize Mofflin
  • Year 10 Boys: 1. Alex Keating 2. Tremaine Hart 3. Preston Townsend
  • Years 11&12 Girls: 1. Nevada Croft 2. Bethany Clarke-Leaver 3. Kiara James
  • Years 11&12 Boys: 1. David Pigram 2. Montrell Turner 3. Jezurahn Balacky

House Champions

Secondary Interschool Athletics Carnival

The Interschool Athletics Carnival was held on Thursday 31st of August with the temperature reaching 36 degrees and a slight breeze in the afternoon to try and cool the competitors down. With perfect conditions for the athletes, they produced some awesome results, and all students represented their schools with pride and great sportsmanship. It was a great contest between St Mary’s, Broome SHS and Derby SHS with the race for first place being close all day between St Mary’s and BSHS, with BSHS taking out the win with a strong showing in the relays.

We had quite few records broken on the day, which show the skills and talent that the students at St Mary’s possess.

  • Annabella Thompson – Discus – 30.72m
  • Annabella Thompson – Shotput – 10.88
  • Tyreece Dwyer – Discus – 21.94m
  • Tyreece Dwyer – High Jump – 1.49m
  • Keanu Crispin – 800m – 2:20:87

I would like to thank all the parents that came to support their children, all the staff that made the event run so smoothly, Broome little Athletics for the use and running of their timing gates and all the athletes who gave it their best on the day.

Below is a list of Champions and runners up from SMC, as you can see by the number of them, we performed very well.

  • U/13 Male Champion – Tyreece Dwyer
  • U/14 Male Champion – Kobie Yarran
  • U/15 Female Champion – Annabella Thompson
  • U/15 Male Champion – ZaiZai Hart
  • U/16 Male Champion – Preston Townsend
  • Open Female Champion – Nevada Croft

Interschool Athletics Carnival

The Interschool Athletics Carnival was held on Thursday 31st of August with the temperature reaching 36 degrees and a slight breeze in the afternoon to try and cool the competitors down. With perfect conditions for the athletes, they produced some awesome results, and all students represented their schools with pride and great sportsmanship. It was a great contest between St Mary’s, Broome SHS and Derby SHS with the race for first place being close all day between St Mary’s and BSHS, with BSHS taking out the win with a strong showing in the relays.

We had quite few records broken on the day, which show the skills and talent that the students at St Mary’s possess.

  • Annabella Thompson – Discus – 30.72m
  • Annabella Thompson – Shotput – 10.88
  • Tyreece Dwyer – Discus – 21.94m
  • Tyreece Dwyer – High Jump – 1.49m
  • Keanu Crispin – 800m – 2:20:87

I would like to thank all the parents that came to support their children, all the staff that made the event run so smoothly, Broome little Athletics for the use and running of their timing gates and all the athletes who gave it their best on the day.

Below is a list of Champions and runners up from SMC, as you can see by the number of them, we performed very well.

  • U/13 Male Champion – Tyreece Dwyer
  • U/14 Male Champion – Kobie Yarran
  • U/15 Female Champion – Annabella Thompson
  • U/15 Male Champion – ZaiZai Hart
  • U/16 Male Champion – Preston Townsend
  • Open Female Champion – Nevada Croft

Year 12 Outdoor Education Leadership Camp

Student quotes from camp:

Grant:  There is no doubting in what we’ve achieved, a successful camping trip of fun and friendship combined with the expertise of my friends and teachers. A memorable moment was when we are sitting near the campfire and chat to our heart’s delight, the time spent together warmed my heart.

Siena: We saw whales breaching close to shore which was a cool experience. It was a good opportunity to come together as a class and use our knowledge of the land and animals to enjoy camp.

Lewis:  The highlight of my Year 12 camp to Barn Hill was when Lemarion and myself swam out to a rock off the beach of Barn Hill and went fishing off it and caught nothing.

Ed: The Barn Hill camp was a great insight as to how the Year 12 cohort can work together as a team to camp and to fully engaged in team building games to work towards an adequate Outdoor Education environment. The Year 12 cohort engaged in team building games, walking, and swimming activities.

Teacher - Braden Famlonga

Feast of the Assumption

Mass was celebrated by Father Patricio at the Nulungu Chapel on the Feast of the Assumption Tuesday August 15.

The Feast of the Assumption is a very special feast as it commemorates the end of Mary’s earthly life and assumption into Heaven. We are also privileged to have the Assumption Sisters of Eldoret working in our Parish Community, and of course it’s wonderful to have Sr Dorcas and Sr Clare at our college.

Our student leaders, the Assumption Sisters including Sr Vicky and Sr Naomi, staff and members of our Parish which included staff from Notre Dame University, the Catholic Education Office Broome joined together to celebrate the special day and to wish the Sisters a Happy Feastday. Thank you to our very talented College Choir who led us in the singing.

Anthea Demin - Principal's Personal Assistant

Year 8 & 9 SMC Clontarf Academy Trip to Gibb River

Last week some lucky Broome St Mary’s Clontarf Academy students (and staff) got out on country for 4 days on our annual Gibb River Road Trip!

On our 4 day journey we visited Bell, Adcock, Galvans and Manning Gorges as well as a visit to Mt Barnett Wananami Community School.

It was an amazing week in some of the most beautiful country imaginable and the boys loved every minute of it. Plenty of fun and lots of laughs!

Jack Schyman - Clontarf Operations Officer - Secondary Campus

Year 11 SMC Clontarf Academy

The Year 11 St Mary’s Clontarf Academy fellas headed out on an Engagement Camp out to Lullumb up the Dampier Peninsula for an overnight camp.

The trip started with the boys helping a stranded couple from Spain get their car out of a very dicey situation, this was very much appreciated by the couple with boys declining the $50 they offered for our help. This set the tone for a successful trip as the boys pulled in fish, crabs & oysters and shared them around the fire with plenty of laughs. The camp will set the boys off for a great end to Term 3.

Sam Parrot Operations Officer, St Mary's Academy

Book Week at Secondary

The Secondary College celebrated book week by having a dress up day last Thursday.

The staff had a fun day dressed as “Where’s Wally”. The students thought it was very amusing to see all the “Wallys” walking around the campus in between classes. It did look like a scene from the popular book.

We had a number of students who joined in the fun and dressed up. We had a junior best dressed and senior best dressed. Lei Yuen and Grant Leong both won a $25 voucher from Kimberley Bookshop

Library Manager Secondary - Tracey Thorn

Follow The Dream

FTD has had a great start to the term with our awesome students taking part and representing our school over two big events!

The Barista skill set:

The TAFE Barista skill set saw 11 of our best and brightest seniors look to better themselves with some professional development in the form of ground coffee beans, hot water and some frothy milk, what a combination! Over this three-day course our students learnt to grind and find their way to the perfect cup of Jo!

Worley Innovation Challenge:

The Polly Farmer/Worley resource Innovation Challenge brought together six schools from around the state to take part in the event. The event was run on Tuesday the 29th of August at the new and improved Surf Lifesaving Club. Six of our wonderful year seven students were hand-picked to represent St Mary’s College in this new and exciting challenge with Shenaye Bernard taking out one of four of the major prizes recognising the young lady as a critical thinker and someone who was not afraid to stand up and lead her peers in the face of adversity.

The Worley Innovation Challenge was run by the staff at Worley resources. One of whom was former St Mary’s student Mr Ned Baxter who has gone on to become Vice President of the Global Green Energy Division of Worley resources. What a privilege it was for some of our students to meet him.

VET Coordinator - Lydon Mills

Catholic Performing Arts in Perth

In Week 6 our Dance students attended the Catholic Performing Arts Festival in Perth. The students performed three items at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The students enjoyed their experience and for many, it was the first time they have performed on a big stage, in front of adjudicators and with hundreds of people in the crowd. The students were proud to represent our school and put us back on the performing arts scene through this wonderful opportunity.

We received excellent feedback from the adjudicators of the competition, with one of our items being awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award and another receiving a Merit Award. We are so proud of our students, and we look forward to attending the Catholic Performing Arts Festival again next year!

Teacher - Wendi Torres

Shinju Matsuri

The annual Shinju Matsuri Float Parade in Broome took on a remarkable twist this year as a group of creative Year 8 ACES students took charge of designing the vibrant and captivating St Mary’s College float that graced the streets. The result was an unforgettable experience that combined youthful exuberance with the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Under the theme "What we love about Broome," participants from local schools, community organisations and local businesses unveiled an astonishing array of floats that not only celebrated Broome's cultural roots but also showcased their artistic flair. The parade, a centrepiece of the Shinju Matsuri festival, drew in hundreds of spectators from all around, eager to witness the innovative designs brought to life.

Amid the picturesque backdrop of a sunny day, the float parade meandered through the streets, casting a kaleidoscope of colours and joy. Water guns manned by the St Mary students added an extra layer of fun as participants and onlookers engaged in playful water battles, creating an atmosphere of unity and shared laughter.

Local residents and visitors alike praised the Year 8 students for their exceptional efforts and creativity. A Broome resident, stated, "Seeing these young minds infuse their energy into the float designs is truly inspiring. The combination of tradition and innovation reflects the spirit of our community."

We give our thanks to the Dean Wilson Transport Company, who very kindly donated the use of a truck for our float entry.

Also a huge thankyou to all the students and staff who came along on the day to join us in the parade.

Teacher - Kelly Commisso

Taiji Japan Immersion

Last week we hosted 15 special visitors from our sister town, Taiji in Japan. It was wonderful to welcome our Taiji friends once more after the COVID-19 restrictions.

The week was jam packed with activities both in the community and in at school. Thank you to everyone in our College Community for making them welcome.

Principal's Personal Assistant - Anthea Demin

FIFA Women's World Cup

FIFA 50 2023 initiative – supporting 50 fist nations females from Australia and New Zealand to get to the world cup as a way of giving back to first nations people. St Mary’s sent ten students and three chaperones to attend.

Driven by Selena Holts who is on the FIFA cultural panel for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and who is one of three indigenous Australians on the National Indigenous Advisory Group NIAG for Football Australia as well as a Director for Football Northern Territory.

Wouldn’t have been possible without the support and commitment that Fatma Semoura – the first female secretary general of FIFA – has put behind the initiative with FIFA supporting the FIFA 50 initiative with 100% funding.

The program allowed our students as young first nations women to:

  • Travel
  • Attend FIFA World Cup Match
  • Attend FIFA Fan Fare festival
  • Attend Movie world
  • Brent Hedley – executive officer approached the school with the opportunity.

Football Futures Foundation which is a WA based charity organisation that uses the medium of football (soccer) to engage and strengthen targeted and priority communities. They are following up with lunchtime soccer sessions on the primary and the secondary commencing week 7.

School leadership committed to the venture seeing the great opportunity for our young first nations females.

Art Hiemstra – programs and operations manager of Football Futures, currently based in Broome worked alongside St Mary’s team to introduce the concept to eligible female students.

• Two information sessions about the world cup and the opportunity

• Two practical fact filled sessions after school

Over twenty students who were hoping to participate with ten selected as the final ten heading off on the tour.

Ongoing partnership, running initiatives in the school and in the broader community that unites and engages our students through football.

Ability to be a part of the Women’s World Cup and represent their regions as first nations young women. Meeting other young first nations women. Many first time away from home and on a plane. Leadership experience in participating in events and representing their schools, regions, football associations,

Watching a women’s world cup quarter final! In the presence of great sporting role models to inspire and motivate.

Recognise that through soccer (sport) people are bought together, Many first nations players so soccer is a pathway for young first nations women not just as players. United as a group in Broome through soccer. Sport as a means to unite and bring those from diverse backgrounds together. Bigger picture goal of across the top of the northern part of Australia, Kimberley included, is to get grassroots soccer developing in remote communities hoping with this opportunity and connection to the Kimberley that SMC first nations girls have created in being present and part of it we can also be a part of this period of growth in soccer not just in WA but also across Australia.

Student experiences:

Antoinette Murray Year 7: I was lucky enough to visit 2 states and a first time visit to Queensland. I enjoyed the food on offer during the trip. I enjoyed the activities at the FanFestival and especially loved how the trees along the street were lit up that night. .

Nancy Francis Year 9: The trip to Brisbane was fun and I made new friends from Darwin (Aliesha) and Ti Tree (Ruby). The Olympic swimmer, Brooke Hansen let us hold her Gold and silver medals she had won. Her message for us was to not afraid to make a 'Start" of a goal, and 'Repeat' it to overcome your doubt. I am so glad that I got chosen to represent St Marys' College for this trip.

  • Elizabeth Black Year 8: The trip to Brisbane was the best experience I ever had. I learnt to connect with other students of St Marys' College as well as from Darwin and Alice Springs.
  • I loved going to Sun Corp Stadium to watch Nigeria play England in the quarter final. The atmosphere in the stadium was wild. I never experienced a live soccer game like that before.
  • I loved meeting Brooke Hansen and the message she shared with us to have a goal, 'Start" it and 'Repeat" it, even if you fail the first time. Brooke involved myself and all the other girls in creating and sending a message to the 'Matilda's' wishing them good luck in their quarter final match against France.
Assistant Principal Primary Campus - Antonietta Scriva 

Colour Fun Run

On Friday, 4 August Primary & Secondary campuses celebrated the success of the new school term with a colour fun run.

This was the first time this event had being held on Secondary and it went off with a bang!!

Students and staff grinned from ear to ear as students move between a slip ‘n slide, dodge ball and the colour run. It was lovely to see the joy and excitement that was evident on the day.

Many staff and students have let us know that they want it to be a permanent fixture on our Secondary calendar 😊

Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care - Jane Bennett

Deadly Sista Girlz (DSG) Ken Wyatt Football Cup

Nine Deadly Sista Girlz Participants were given the opportunity to compete against 16 other schools around Perth, Geraldton, and Albany in an annual Football Carnival the Ken Wyatt Cup.

The girls played 3 football games which they won 2 games and proceeded to the finals then were defeated by Darling Range. Overall, the girls played amazing, had fun, and made friends with other DSG participants from other schools.

The girls were selected based on our DSG values respect, empathy, mob, connection, and resilience. Congratulations to our most valuable player who showed resilience during the carnival and was our Team Captain on the day Azeeliah Isaac.

Anna Kelly - DSG Coordinator & Mentor

Family Term 3 Calendar


Supporting Children with Anxiety Webinar

Parenting Connection

St John of God Heritage Centre

SJOG Heritage Centre

Open Day Junior Squash

Broome Squash Club

Building Resilience with Lego - School Holiday Programme

Calling all young carers aged 8-12! Join us for an exciting two-day programme where we will use the power of LEGO to foster teamwork, communication, and emotional expression.

Who? Youth aged 8 to 12 who has a family member or a friend living with a mental health challenge or is at risk of developing a mental health challenge themselves.

When: Thursday, 28 September | 9am to 12pm Friday, 29 September | 9am to 12pm

  • Bring: Water bottle.
  • Refreshments
  • Snacks will be provided
  • Cost Free

Register to express interest.

Please be aware that selecting a ticket does not guarantee a spot at this event; it serves as an expression of your interest. Our team will promptly contact you to assess your eligibility and will advise if a space has been allocated.

Want to know more or have some questions or having trouble registering?

  • You can either:
  • email cyfs@helpingminds.org.au
  • or call 9427 7100 and ask for CYFS Administration



  • If your child has not received support from HelpingMinds before (or within the last 6 months) a phone interview will need to take place with the parent/guardian.
  • A consent form will need to be signed by both parents
  • If children require medication throughout the day they will be required to self-administer this
  • External support workers are not allowed at the workshop
  • Children require adequate independent coping skills to be able to deal with group situations
  • Your child must either have a family member or a friend living with mental health challenge or is at risk of developing mental health challenge themselves
  • All our workshops have a maximum capacity to ensure our counsellors can provide adequate professional support for all children attending.
  • To give everyone in the community a fair chance, each child can enrol in a maximum of two workshops.
Helping Minds