Annual Report FY2022 The Vermont Arts Council

Dear Friends of Vermont Arts,

In every corner of Vermont, artists and cultural organizations have embraced change with remarkable courage over the past year. Dancers enlivened an abandoned quarry; drummers and painters engaged school students in creative projects; museums and theaters presented stunning art exhibits, concerts, plays and poetry readings. Together they provided the spark of inspiration we all needed to face an uncertain future.

Transformation is alive throughout the Arts Council’s FY2022 annual report. Our cover image is the “Phoenix of Transmutation,” a mural painted by Juniper Creative Arts in collaboration with Stowe middle and high school students, supported by an Arts Council Animating Infrastructure grant. The words on the mural are from writer Lalah Delia: “Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness, you’re in a powerful place of transformation/transmutation…trust the process.”

Inside the report, you can explore these stories and more:

  • A Vermont Arts Council Creation Grant was pivotal for author Ann Dávila Cardinal, helping her to shift her creative practice and try writing for a younger audience. The result is a middle grade horror novel, Dry Bones, currently on submission to publishers.
  • Teaching artist Susan Rosano re-invented herself when she suddenly lost her job at age 55, and now guides seniors through the process of telling their stories, charting the twists and turns in their own life paths.
  • Digital media presents new challenges and opportunities for engaging cultural audiences. With state funding, we launched a program of direct grants and workshops to help cultural organizations develop effective and inclusive online programming.

The year ahead will also bring transformation to the Arts Council, as we embark on a leadership change that is both bittersweet and exciting. We are grateful to all of our partners, donors and colleagues for your confidence in us, your support, and all you do to keep Vermont’s arts landscape strong and vibrant.

With apprecation,

Karen Mittelman, Executive Director
Rebecca McMeekin, Chair, Board of Trustees

Cover image: “Phoenix of Transmutation” mural by Juniper Creative Arts whose concept was designed in collaboration with Stowe Middle School students as part of the Lamoille Art & Justice Project. The Current was awarded an Animating Infrastructure Grant in FY22 to lead this project. Photo by Alexa Herrera Condry.

Across Vermont

A total of $2,923,181 in Arts Council funding was awarded in FY2022 (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022). Grants were awarded to 121 individual artists and 217 organizations in every county and 121 towns across Vermont.

The larger the circle on the map, the greater the number of grantees in that location. Visit the map online for an interactive experience.

Image: A map of Vermont is dotted up and down with colors representing the locations of FY2022 grantees.

A Place for Transformation

Transmutation is a process almost as old as the birth of the universe some 13.7 billion years ago when the first particles became atoms, which coalesced into galaxies of stars, which fused the elements into existence. As the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, the Vermont arts and culture landscape is undergoing its own kind of alchemy as organizations emerge from pandemic-induced hibernation, ramp up operations, and re-engage audiences.

This year, the state legislature and the governor made an unprecedented investment in its creative sector – the allocation of $9 million of American Rescue Plan Act funds to the Vermont Arts Council for grants to creative sector nonprofits and for-profit entities to help them recover from the pandemic. Funding allocated in the last legislative session was deployed statewide to transform and expand traditional arts and cultural programming into the new digital space. New philanthropic partnerships increased the size and scope of Arts Council grants to artists and cultural organizations, helping to strengthen the state’s cultural landscape in its pandemic recovery and to build the long-term sustainability of the state’s vibrant creative sector.

Indeed, Vermont is a place that invests in its artists, cultural organizations, and creative enterprises.With historic new investments in the creative economy, Vermont has the potential to transform and spin up into gold.

Image: "Sculpture in Sunset" by Leah Greenberg. Photo by Susan Calza.

Aging Artistically

Experienced teaching artists specially trained to create skill-based, instructional art lessons for older adults comprise the Council’s new Creative Aging Teaching Artist Roster – teachers like Susan Rosano of Guilford, VT. Rosano turned a sudden job loss at age 55 into a new opportunity to help seniors. Drawing on her more than 20 years as a teaching artist primarily with aging populations, Rosano created Wisdom in Our Community, a program to help seniors connect to their life histories using composition and visual arts to tell their stories. An exhibit of works at the program’s end aims to raise awareness of the importance of seniors and their knowledge and historic pasts.

One of the program’s activities is the life path project where participants create a visual map of their significant life events. Other activities include making a personal history shadow box to display a photo along with meaningful objects or composing a story for display on a poster plus visual elements. Along the way, a person trained to use the curriculum guides the activity by asking thoughtful questions and by close listening.

Rosano described working with a World War II veteran who had never shared with anyone terrifying details of being on a ship in the Pacific that was bombed during the war. Slowly over time, working with Rosano, he was able to tell the story through art and composition.

“There is a very deep vein of wisdom in our communities,” Rosano said. “My goal is to transform negative ideas about aging in our culture into positive beliefs about the strength, wisdom and contributions of senior citizens to their communities by documenting their personal histories through visual arts and storytelling, then exhibiting the results at a public venue.”

Rosano was one of 25 individuals selected as a 2021-2022 Creative Community Fellow: New England to help develop her program. The 10-month fellowship from National Arts Strategies includes a $10,000 stipend to help support art-based projects that drive positive change in New England communities.

A mosaic artist, Rosano also contributed art activities in the Central Vermont Council on Aging’s Creative Care Kit project. Read more about the Arts Council’s Creative Aging Initiative.

Image: Teaching artist Susan Rosano.

Digital Revolution

In response to the challenges of the pandemic, many arts and culture organizations increased their digital capacity and expanded online programming. A total of $1.15 million in one-time funding from the legislature enabled the Arts Council to offer a new digital capacity program, which supported grants and technical assistance to help build the digital capacity of Vermont cultural organizations.

Online programming presents new challenges, everything from purchasing new equipment for digital content, paying for streaming platforms, enhancing websites and social media, to hiring new staff. Digital programming also presents new opportunities as more audiences can be reached, including those with disabilities and transportation challenges

A total of $1,088,625 in Digital Capacity grants was awarded to 45 arts and humanities nonprofit organizations to help them meet increased demand for online programming and engagement since the pandemic.

The projects funded include website accessibility improvements, live streaming equipment upgrades, and new online learning platforms.

The program included large, multi-year collaborative grants. Two such grants of $120,000 were awarded to Catamount Arts in St. Johnsbury and Town Hall Theater in Middlebury. At Catamount Arts, funds will be used to enhance the digital capacity of foundational, regional production services for more than 40 partners in the towns and communities of the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont’s most remote region. At Town Hall Theater, funds will be used to create the Addison Art Media Partnership (AAMP), specifically supporting a multi-camera, shared media hub at the theater for its network of resident companies, Middlebury Community Television, community partners, and audiences.

The Council awarded seven special digital capacity grants to nonprofits that can provide specialized digital programming support and services to artists in their networks.

In addition to grants, the program provided a wide range of free technical assistance workshops and webinars, now available as videos on the Vermont Arts Council website. Topics include inclusive and accessible digital programming, production and editing, website analytics and e-commerce, legal issues and more. Content was provided in partnership with Inclusive Arts Vermont, the Media Factory, and the Vermont Small Business Development Center.

Read more about the Digital Capacity Program.

Image: Musician Kat Wright filming at Big Heavy World. Photo by Luke Awtry.

Community Engagement

The talented Vermont muralists at Juniper Creative Arts transformed the recreation path and a 25-foot exterior wall at the middle school in Stowe with support of an Animating Infrastructure Grant awarded to The Current for its work with the Lamoille Art & Justice Project. Both murals were inspired by a series of facilitated community engagements about social justice, equity, and inclusion in Lamoille County.

A total of five projects were awarded Animating Infrastructure Grants in FY22, including the Howard Center in Burlington to support a public art installation in Burlington’s South End with artwork by artists living with and affected by mental illness and/or addiction; the Orleans County Historical Society in Brownington for public art installations along the Alexander Twilight Trail; the Town of Lyndon for an artistic sculpture and light installation at the Sanborn Covered Bridge; and the Town of Springfield to design, fabricate, and install a monumental sculpture of David M. Smith’s mid-late 1800s clothespin in Comtu Cascade Park.

Animating Infrastructure grants support community art projects in which public art is integrated into existing or proposed infrastructure improvements. Applicants are encouraged to think beyond the ordinary, envisioning new buildings, roads, bridges, and other public spaces that have the potential for artistic enhancement that creates unique places where people want to live, work, visit, and play. The intent is to enhance a sense of community pride and identity, to foster social connections, and to improve the liveability and vibrancy of Vermont downtowns, villages, and neighborhoods.

For this year’s competition, the Council received 20 letters of interest with project ideas for communities from across Vermont. After initial review of the submissions by an external panel of reviewers, eight applicants were invited to develop full proposals for funding consideration.

Read more about Animating Infrastructure Grants.

Image: A Juniper Creative Arts ground mural on the Stowe Recreation Path. Photo by Alexa Herrera Condry.

Children's Lit for Change

In FY2022 the Council awarded 23 Creation Grants, our program funding new work by individual artists. Among them was novelist and Vermont College of Fine Arts director of recruitment Ann Dávila Cardinal, who discussed her many upcoming books on episode nine of our podcast, Vermont Made. A self-described “Gringa-Rican” from Manhattan who has lived in Vermont for 30 years, Cardinal weaves her mixed background into her stories no matter what ages she’s writing for–and she knows the importance of doing so for young readers. Dry Bones, her Creation Grant-supported, middle grade horror novel, features Latinx and nonbinary main characters living in her own hometown of Morrisville, VT, and is on submission to publishers now.

In Dry Bones, a young girl named Mara from New York City moves to Morrisville after her father has died, and she has to adjust to living in rural Vermont while solving the mystery of a demon living under her house who threatens to take revenge on the town. Along the way she befriends Maverick, a nonbinary student a grade above her, and the two find solace in each others’ differentness.

“I have great faith in Gen Z. I can’t wait for them to run the country,” said Cardinal. “They’re a little bitter, but they have good reason to be. I love writing stories for them because they’re more accepting of things like diversity and gender as a spectrum, and they have no problem with pronouns, they just adapt. They’re rolling with it. Their perspective is wise.”

A prolific writer, Cardinal’s other works in progress and upcoming publications include Breakup From Hell, a Young Adult horror romcom set in Stowe and available Jan. 3, 2023 from HarperTeen; The Storyteller’s Death, a magical realist murder mystery for adults following generations of a Puerto Rican family, out Oct. 4, 2022 from Sourcebooks; and The Ecstasy of Terre Sanchez, about a 60 year-old woman who makes a pilgrimage to Avila, Spain, to explore her ancestor, the levitating St. Theresa of Avila. Hear Cardinal discuss all of them and more in her episode of Vermont Made.

Image: Novelist Ann Dávila Cardinal. Photo by Carlos Cardinal.

Toward a World We Wish to See

2022 marks two years since the Council formed a staff committee devoted to pursuing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) in all our activities. In June, we reached a major goal, the establishment of a network of IDEA advisors from the field. Our IDEA Advisory Network brings together creative leaders, community organizers, and working artists with expertise and lived experience in pursuing social justice in and through the arts. Meeting twice a year and consulting the Council as needed, the network will help set and pursue our IDEA priorities and disseminate the work to diverse communities.

At the first meeting of our IDEA Advisory Network, members were asked to respond to three prompts. First, “What do you love about your experience with the arts in Vermont? What has been challenging about your experience with the arts in Vermont?” Second, “After reviewing background materials about [our work], what is one question you’d like to ask the Council about our IDEA priorities?” Third, “What is the most important priority for this advisory network in the next two years.” These questions led to a robust conversation with several issues identified that will guide our IDEA work in the immediate future:

  • What more can we do to incentivize our grantees and support the cultural sector to engage in accessibility practices and make use of the resources and training available for this work?
  • Given that the state is responsible for harm to the Abenaki community, how can the Council as a state organization connect with Indigenous communities in ways that feel safe and ethical?
  • Is “racial equity” a better term and goal than “anti-racism?” What are we working for rather than against? Who are we centering?

See a list of our IDEA Advisory Network members at the end of this annual report and on our IDEA web page, where you can keep up with our priorities and find IDEA resources for Vermont arts and cultural organizations.

Image: Mural art from a River Arts project. Photo courtesy River Arts of Morrisville.

Investing in a Creative Future

Advocacy efforts of the Vermont Creative Network, along with the Arts Council, enabled the successful passage of historic legislation that is sure to empower Vermont’s creative sector for years to come. In early June, Governor Phil Scott signed S.11 into law with $9 million for Covid-19 economic recovery grants for creative nonprofits and for-profit businesses.

Vermont Creative Futures grants of up to $200,000 can be used to cover a wide range of regular operating expenses, including payroll and office expenses; rent, mortgage, and utilities; and costs associated with ongoing Covid-19 mitigation and prevention. The grants are supported by Vermont’s portion of funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

In addition to the Creative Futures Grants, advocacy efforts also led to other funding that will help the creative sector, including $19 million for a short-term forgivable loan program through the Vermont Economic Development Authority and $40 million for the Community Recovery and Revitalization Program from the Agency of Commerce and Community Development.

“The creative sector has proven to be an incredibly important part of Vermont's economy -- and these funds will help the broad range of creative economy businesses and nonprofits get back on sound footing again, as we recover from the financial harms caused by Covid-19,” said Rep. Stephanie Jerome, the bill’s co-sponsor.

“A healthy creative sector is essential to the vitality of Vermont’s economy, its downtowns and village centers. The investments in this bill will help creative enterprises build resiliency, invest in infrastructure, and prepare for the future. The creative sector adds immeasurably to the quality of life in Vermont, and this bill represents a significant vote of confidence in its importance,” noted co-sponsor Sen. Alison Clarkson.

The year’s legislative activity was a critical win for the CreateVT Action Plan, which calls for statewide investment in the state’s creative enterprises, recognizing that arts, culture, and creativity are just as essential to Vermont’s future as roads, bridges, and broadband.

In 2022, CreateVT garnered two Plan of the Year awards, from the Vermont Planners Association and the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planners Association.

Read more about the Vermont Creative Network.

Image: A glassblower at Simon Pearce. Photo by Catherine Crawley.

Leaving Vermont a Better Place

At the end of October, we bid a fond farewell to Executive Director Karen Mittelman. Since joining the Council in 2017, Karen’s mark on the Vermont arts and culture landscape has been indelible. Karen has enhanced the Council’s visibility and impact throughout the state, forging new strategic partnerships as well as important alliances with Vermont Humanities and the Vermont Community Foundation.

During Karen’s tenure, the Council’s investment in Vermont artists and cultural organizations has substantially increased, more than doubling the number and amount of grants awarded to artists annually and increasing the scope and size of awards to organizations. For the broader creative sector, Karen helped to secure unprecedented state and private support, including $9 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) aid.

Mittelman’s leadership helped to guide Vermont’s arts and culture nonprofits through the Covid-19 pandemic. Since April 2020, aid from the Vermont Arts Council to Vermont artists and cultural organizations has totaled more than $8 million.

In 2020, Mittelman helped to develop and launch an ambitious action plan for Vermont’s creative sector, CreateVT. Hundreds of Vermonters from all walks of creative industries participated in the formation of the plan, which won the 2022 Plan of the Year from both the Vermont Planner’s Association and the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planners Association. The Plan was instrumental in guiding efforts to secure the additional ARPA funding from the legislature this year.

“It has been a joy and a challenge to lead the Vermont Arts Council for the past five years, to work with our wonderful staff and board, and to support Vermont’s exceptional arts community,” Mittelman said. “I could not be prouder of what we have achieved together. Despite the daunting challenges of the pandemic, the future vision for Vermont’s creative sector is brighter than ever.”

Karen leaves Vermont a better place, and she will be greatly missed.

Image: Outgoing executive director Karen Mittelman.

In Closing

We hope you’ve enjoyed this snapshot of our journey through FY2022. The support we were able to provide sustains the vital creative work of hundreds of artists, performers, and cultural organizations, like Theatre Adventure in West Brattleboro, which works to empower youth and adults with developmental disabilities through expressive arts programming. The organization was awarded a Digital Capacity grant to expand its online classes and theatrical productions.

“The continuation of the pandemic has demanded that all of us change our usual routines, schedules, and daily activities in order to remain healthy. And yet, more than ever, we need each other, we need to create theater together. Your support helps to keep our students connected and engaged and feeling like they have purpose and a caring community.” - co-directors Laura Lawson Tucker and Darlene Jenson.

Image: Two youth actors perform on stage. Photo by Laura Bliss.

Financial Highlights

View a PDF of our financial highlights from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

Image: A colorful pie chart as appears in our financial highlights report.


Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022)

Animating Infrastructure Grants support community projects that integrate art with infrastructure improvements. Descriptions of award projects are available at the link.

Howard Center, Burlington, $9,200

Orleans County Historical Society, Brownington, $11,000

The Current, Stowe, $15,000

Town of Hyde Park, Hyde Park, $10,000

Town of Lyndon, Lyndonville, $15,000

Town of Royalton, South Royalton, $10,000

Town of Springfield, Springfield, $15,000

Art in State Buildings Grants promote the work of Vermont artists and enrich the state’s cultural landscape through public art installations. The following are design awards, the first step of a public commission. Full details can be found at the link.

Department of Health, Zampieri Building, Burlington

Finalist honorarium grants support the preparation and presentation of preliminary concepts.

Phillip Godenschwager, Randolph, $500

Dan Gottsegen, Woodstock, $500

Kathryn Wiegers, Rutland, $500

Noa Younse, Richmond, $500

Design Grant

Dan Gottsegen, Woodstock, $3,000

Department of Mental Healthy Recovery Residence, Essex

Finalist honorarium grants support the preparation and presentation of preliminary concepts.

Michael Cerulli Billingsley, Plainfield, $500

Valerie Hird, Burlington, $500

Carol Langstaff, Sharon, $500

Kathryn Wiegers, Rutland, $500

Design Grants

Carol Langstaff, Sharon, $2,000

Kathryn Wiegers, Rutland, $2,000

Artist Development Grants support professional development for artists at all stages of their careers.

Clare Adams, Chester, $2,000

Juli Badics, Burlington, $800

Rachel Bell, Brattleboro, $1,992

Rachel Bernsen, Windsor, $1,450

Susan Bettmann, North Middlesex, $1,650

Heidi Bielenberg, Morrisville, $2,000

Naomi Bindman, North Bennington, $1,000

Francesca Blanchard, Burlington, $2,000

Brian Boyes, Plainfield, $2,000

Ian Burton, Marshfield, $2,000

Stefani Capizzi, Morrisville, $1,500

Bill Cole, Thetford Center, $2,000

Webb Crawford, Brattleboro, $1,400

Lawuo Cummings, Passumpsic, $1,176

Matthew Dickerson, Bristol, $1,850

Kim Diehnelt, Burlington, $580

Arlene Distler, Brattleboro, $850

Sylvia Dodge, Lyndonville, $531

Sara Doncaster, Coventry, $2,000

Michelle Dussault, Manchester, $1,646

Martha Elmes, Lyndonville, $450

Samirah Evans, Brattleboro, $1,950

Gin Ferrara, South Burlington, $900

Hiromi Fukuda, Burlington, $2,000

Erik Gillard, Plainfield, $2,000

Dennis Goodhue, St. Johnsbury, $1,450

Becky Graber, Brattleboro, $2,000

Susie Gray, South Royalton, $800

Layton Hahs, Brattleboro, $2,000

Rebecca Hall, West Townshend, $2,000

Maryam Hand, Jeffersonville, $731

Tracy Haught, Montpelier, $350

Sean Heaney, Newport, $2,000

Millie Heckler, Burlington, $2,000

Diana Henry, Newport, $2,000

Marcie Hernandez, Burlington, $1,000

Paula Higa, Williston, $2,000

Kelly Holt, Burlington, $700

Daniel Houghton, East Arlington, $579

Ashleigh Howard, South Burlington, $525

Nora Jacobson, Norwich, $2,000

Karen Kevra, Montpelier, $2,000

Sarah King, Ripton, $2,000

Ivan Klipstein, Burlington, $2,000

Mary Kim Lavery, South Hero, $1,230

Phoebe Lo, Burlington, $2,000

Jill Madden, Weybridge, $1,020

Nick Mayer, Lincoln, $2,000

Ana Mayhew, Burlington, $651

Jennifer McCandless, Burlington, $2,000

Mary Kathleen Mehuron, Waitsfield, $1,000

Christine Mitchell Adams, Shelburne, $2,000

Clay Mohrman, Burlington, $1,485

Brian David Mooney, Brattleboro, $750

Taraneh Mosadegh, West Halifax, $750

Denis Mueller, Burlington, $1,500

Madeleine Murray, Burlington, $750

Rodrigo Nava, Putney, $2,000

Xander Naylor, Winooski, $800

Elizabeth Nelson, West Glover, $500

Phyllis Odessey, Marlboro, $600

Erin Kelly O'Neal, Burlington, $1,350

Christianna Orcel, Newport, $2,000

Caitlin Owen, Burlington, $1,699

Nola Parker, Montpelier, $850

Hunter Paye, Bradford, $2,000

Alana Phinney, Montpelier, $919

Robin Piya, Middlebury, $1,200

José Rivera, Pownal, $2,000

Kate Ruddle, Montpelier, $1,552

Jamie Ruggerio, Brandon, $2,000

Dayna Sabatino, Bethel, $1,950

Michelle Saffran, Moretown, $1,800

Hanna Satterlee, Montpelier, $2,000

David Schein, Burlington, $1,400

Eben Schumacher, Burlington, $1,339

Luna Shen, Burlington, $875

Elaine Sklar, Newport Center, $1,350

Isadora Snapp, Barre, $2,000

Sandy Sokoloff, Grand Isle, $2,000

Ida Specker, Andover, $2,000

Ashley Strobridge, Montpelier, $1,000

Landa Townsend, Charlotte, $1,500

Vaune Trachtman, Brattleboro, $2,000

Cara Trezise, Brattleboro, $640

Luis Vivanco, Burlington, $1,050

Peggy Watson, Montpelier, $399

Misuk Weaver, Underhill, $2,000

Benjamin Wiggins, Burlington, $2,000

Julie Winn, South Burlington, $600

Kat Wright, Winooski, $2,000

Noa Younse, Richmond, $289

Bianca Amira Zanella, Rutland, $1,940

Special Artist Development Grant

Clemmons Family Farm, Charlotte, $15,000

Artists in Schools Grants help schools develop in-class residency relationships with Vermont artists.

Academy School, Brattleboro, $2,700

Addison Northwest School District, Vergennes, $1,500

Beeman Elementary, New Haven, $1,880

Bishop John A. Marshall School, Morrisville, $2,500

Cabot School, Cabot, $2,500

Capstone Community Action, Barre, $2,500

Cavendish Town Elementary School, Proctorsville, $2,100

Chamberlin Elementary School, South Burlington, $2,500

Champlain Elementary, Burlington, $2,200

Edmunds Middle School, Burlington, $3,000

Expeditionary School at Black River, Ludlow, $2,500

Green Street School, Brattleboro, $2,100

Hartland Elementary School, Hartland, $1,350

Hiawatha Elementary School, Essex Junction, $2,500

Hiawatha Elementary School, Essex Junction, $1,000

Hinesburg Community School, Hinesburg, $2,500

Killington Mountain School, Killington, $1,000

Mary Hogan School, Middlebury, $1,850

Sharon Elementary School, Sharon, $2,500

The Newton School, South Strafford, $2,500

The Putney School, Putney, $2,750

Thetford Academy, Thetford, $2,500

White River Valley Supervisory Union, Royalton, $4,000

Windham Elementary School, Windham, $2,500

Winooski Middle High School, Winooski, $2,350

Special Artists in Schools Grants

Clemmons Family Farm, Charlotte, $5,000

Inclusive Arts Vermont, St. Albans, $13,100

Arts Impact Grants support nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and schools in their efforts to add vibrancy to Vermont communities and provide general operating funds to arts nonprofits. Arts Impact Grants were supported in part by the Vermont Community Foundation’s Arts Endowment Fund.

Operating Grants

77ART, Rutland, $6,000

Art in the Neighborhood, Brattleboro, $3,000

The Arts Bus, Randolph, $6,000

Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, $4,500

Get Thee to the Funnery, Brattleboro, $4,500

Lost Nation Theater, Montpelier, $3,000

Middlebury Acting Company, Weybridge, $3,000

Milton Artists' Guild, Milton, $3,000

Sundog Poetry Center, Johnson, $3,000

Theatre Adventure, Brattleboro, $6,000

Vermont Arts Exchange, North Bennington, $4,500

Vermont Jazz Center, Brattleboro, $3,000

Project Grants

Artistree Community Arts Center, South Pomfret, $2,774

Cabot Arts, Cabot, $4,000

Greater Falls Community Justice Center, Bellows Falls, $3,000

Integrated Arts Academy, Burlington, $3,000

Media Hour Ltd, East Arlington, $4,000

New Music On The Point, Leicester, $4,000

Retreat Farm, Brattleboro, $4,000

Shidaa Projects, Montpelier, $2,050

The Root Social Justice Center, Brattleboro, $4,000

Vermont Family Network, Williston, $3,000

Arts Partnership Grants support the annual operations of Vermont arts organizations through three-year grants.

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, Brattleboro, $12,600

Brattleboro Music Center, Brattleboro, $10,100

Burlington City Arts, Burlington, $14,400

Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, West Rutland, $7,200

Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury, $14,400

Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, $11,300

Dorset Theatre Festival, Dorset, $11,300

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington, $14,400

Generator, Burlington, $12,600

Inclusive Arts Vermont, St. Albans, $9,000

In-Sight Photography Project, Brattleboro, $5,400

Kingdom County Productions, Barnet, $8,100

Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, Leicester, $5,400

Music-COMP, Duxbury, $5,400

New England Center for Circus Arts, Brattleboro, $14,400

Next Stage Arts Project, Putney, $7,200

Northern Stage Company, White River Junction, $14,400

Paramount Theatre, Rutland, $13,000

River Arts of Morrisville, Morrisville, $9,000

Rural ARTS Collaborative, Greensboro, $8,100

Scrag Mountain Music, Marshfield, $5,400

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, $13,000

T.W. Wood Art Gallery, Montpelier, $5,400

The Current, Stowe, $7,200

Town Hall Theater, Middlebury, $11,300

Vermont Stage Company, Burlington, $7,200

Very Merry Theatre, Burlington, $8,100

Weston Theater Company, Weston, $13,000

Yellow Barn, Putney, $14,400

Young Writers Project, Burlington, $5,400

Covid-19 Cultural Recovery Grants provide organizational support to arts and humanities organizations facing financial hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Grants were made in partnership with Vermont Humanities.

AHA Abenaki Helping Abenaki, Shelburne, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Art in the Neighborhood, Brattleboro, $5,000 (VAC)

Barre Historical Society, Barre, $5,000 (VH)

Barre Opera House, Barre, $10,000 (VAC)

Bella Voce Women's Chorus, Essex Junction, $5,000 (VAC)

Bennington Museum, Bennington, $15,000 (VAC $7,500; VH $7,500)

Bennington Performing Arts Center, Bennington, $10,000 (VAC)

Big Heavy World, Burlington, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Billings Farm and Museum, Woodstock, $15,000 (VH)

Brattleboro Literary Festival, Brattleboro, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, Brattleboro, $10,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $5000)

Brattleboro Music Center, Brattleboro, $15,000 (VAC)

Bread and Puppet Theatre, Glover, $10,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $5,000)

Briggs Opera House, White River Junction, $5,000 (VAC)

Brighton Community Forum, Island Pond, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Bryan Memorial Gallery, Jeffersonville, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Burlington City Arts, Burlington, $15,000 (VAC)

Cabot Arts, Cabot, $5,000 (VAC)

Cabot Historical Society, Cabot, $5,000 (VH)

Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge, $5,000 (VAC)

Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, West Rutland, $10,000 (VAC)

Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury, $15,000 (VAC $10,000; VH $5,000)

CATV Inc., White River Junction, $10,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $7,500)

Center for Arts and Learning, Montpelier, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Center for Cartoon Studies, White River Junction, $15,000 (VAC $7,500; VH $7,500)

Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, $5,000 (VAC)

Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, $10,000 (VAC)

Chittenden Community Television, Burlington, $10,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $7,500)

Circus Smirkus, Greensboro, $15,000 (VAC)

Clemmons Family Farm, Charlotte, $10,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $5,000)

Community of Sound, Burlington, $5,000 (VAC)

Craftsbury Public Library, Craftsbury Common, $5,000 (VH)

Dorset Players, Dorset, $5,000 (VAC)

Dorset Theatre Festival, Dorset, $15,000 (VAC)

Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, $5,000 (VAC)

Ethan Allen Homestead Museum, Burlington, $5,000 (VH)

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium, St. Johnsbury, $15,000 (VH)

Fairfield Community Center Association, East Fairfield, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Fleming Museum of Art, Burlington, $15,000 (VAC $7,500; VH $7,500)

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington, $15,000 (VAC $10,000; VH $5,000)

Friends of the Cobleigh Library, Lyndonville, $5,000 (VH)

Friends of the Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, $5,000 (VH)

Gallery at the VAULT, Springfield, $5,000 (VAC)

Generator, Burlington, $10,000 (VAC)

Governor's Institutes of Vermont, Winooski, $15,000 (VH)

Greater Barton Arts, Barton, $5,000 (VAC)

Green Mountains Review, Johnson, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Green Mountain Youth Symphony, Montpelier, $5,000 (VAC)

Haskell Free Library, Derby Line, $5,000 (VH)

Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History, Middlebury, $10,000 (VH)

Heritage Winooski Mill Museum, Winooski, $5,000 (VH)

Highgate Library and Community Center, Highgate, $5,000 (VH)

Hinesburg Artist Series, Hinesburg, $5,000 (VAC)

Inclusive Arts Vermont, Essex Junction, $10,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $5,000)

Island Arts, North Hero, $5,000 (VAC)

Jericho Historical Society, Jericho, $5,000 (VH)

Kingdom County Productions, Barnet, $10,000 (VAC)

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum at Basin Harbor, Vergennes, $15,000 (VH)

Latchis Arts, Brattleboro, $5,000 (VAC)

Londonderry Arts and Historical Society, Londonderry, $5,000 (VH)

Lost Nation Theater, Montpelier, $10,000 (VAC)

Lost Shul Mural, Burlington, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Lyric Theatre Company, South Burlington, $10,000 (VAC)

Main Street Arts, Saxtons River, $5,000 (VAC)

Main Street Museum, White River Junction, $5,000 (VH)

Maquam Bay of Missisquoi, Swanton, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Mercy Connections, Burlington, $10,000 (VH)

Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, Leicester, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Migrant Justice, Burlington, $10,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $7,500)

Milton Artists' Guild, Milton, $5,000 (VAC)

Monteverdi Music School, Montpelier, $5,000 (VAC)

New England Center for Circus Arts, Brattleboro, $15,000 (VAC)

New England Youth Theatre, Brattleboro, $10,000 (VAC)

Next Stage Arts Project, Putney, $10,000 (VAC)

Northeast Kingdom All Stars, St. Johnsbury, $5,000 (VAC)

Northeast Kingdom Arts Council, Hardwick, $5,000 (VAC)

Northeast Kingdom Collaborative, Craftsbury, $5,000 (VH)

Northern Stage Company, White River Junction, $15,000 (VAC $10,000; VH $5,000)

NorthWoods Stewardship Center, East Charleston, $10,000 (VH)

Norwich Historical Society, Norwich, $5,000 (VH)

Off Center for the Dramatic Arts, Burlington, $5,000 (VAC)

Opera Company of Middlebury, Middlebury, $5,000 (VAC)

Orleans County Historical Society, Brownington, $10,000 (VH)

Out in the Open, Brattleboro, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Outright Vermont, Burlington, $15,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $10,000)

Paramount Center, Rutland, $15,000 (VAC)

Pentangle Arts, Woodstock, $10,000 (VAC)

Preservation Trust of Vermont, Burlington, $15,000 (VH)

Pride Center of Vermont, Burlington, $15,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $10,000)

Retreat Farm, Brattleboro, $15,000 (VAC $7,500; VH $7,500)

River Arts of Morrisville, Morrisville, $10,000 (VAC)

River Gallery School of Art, Brattleboro, $10,000 (VAC)

Robert Frost Stone House Museum, Shaftsbury, $5,000 (VH)

Rockingham Arts and Museum Project, Bellows Falls, $5,000 (VAC)

Rokeby Museum, Ferrisburgh, $5,000 (VH)

Rural ARTS Collaborative, Greensboro, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Ruth Stone House, Goshen, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Saint Albans Museum, St. Albans, $5,000 (VH)

Sandglass Theater, Putney, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Scrag Mountain Music, Marshfield, $5,000 (VAC)

Seven Stars Arts Center, Sharon, $5,000 (VAC)

Shelburne Craft School, Shelburne, $5,000 (VAC)

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, $15,000 (VAC $7,500; VH $7,500)

Simpson Memorial Library, Craftsbury, $5,000 (VH)

Snelling Center for Government, Shelburne, $10,000 (VH)

Society of Vermont Artists and Craftsmen, Ludlow, $5,000 (VAC)

South End Arts and Business Association, Burlington, $5,000 (VAC)

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, $15,000 (VAC $10,000; VH $5,000)

Springfield Community Players, Springfield, $5,000 (VAC)

Spruce Peak Arts Center, Stowe, $15,000 (VAC)

St. Johnsbury History and Heritage Center, St. Johnsbury, $5,000 (VH)

Stage 33 Live, Ltd, Bellows Falls, $5,000 (VAC)

Studio Place Arts, Barre, $5,000 (VAC)

Sundog Poetry Center, Johnson, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Swanton Arts Council, Swanton, $5,000 (VAC $3,000; VH $2,000)

T.W. Wood Art Gallery, Montpelier, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Taconic Music, Manchester, $5,000 (VAC)

The Current, Stowe, $10,000 (VAC)

The Foundry Workshop, Lyndon, $5,000 (VAC)

The MINT Rutland Makerspace, Rutland, $5,000 (VAC)

Theatre Adventure, Brattleboro, $5,000 (VAC)

Town Hall Theater, Middlebury, $15,000 (VAC $10,000; VH $5,000)

Upright Steeple Society, Lyndon, $5,000 (VAC)

UVM Lane Series, Burlington, $10,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $5,000)

Vermont Arts Exchange, North Bennington, $10,000 (VAC)

Vermont Council on World Affairs, Burlington, $10,000 (VH)

Vermont Dance Alliance, Burlington, $5,000 (VAC)

Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury, $10,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $5,000)

Vermont Granite Museum, Barre, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Vermont Historical Society, Barre, $15,000 (VH)

Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, $10,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $5,000)

Vermont Jazz Center, Brattleboro, $10,000 (VAC $5,000; VH $5,000)

Vermont Ski Museum, Stowe, $5,000 (VH)

Vermont Stage Company, Burlington, $10,000 (VAC)

Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, $15,000 (VAC $10,000; VH $5,000)

Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Burlington, $15,000 (VAC $10,000; VH $5,000)

Vermont Youth Orchestra Association, Colchester, $10,000 (VAC)

Vermont Youth Theater, Barre, $4,000 (VAC)

Westminster West Public Library, Putney, $5,000 (VH)

Weston Theater Company, Weston, $15,000 (VAC $10,000; VH $5,000)

Wheelock Mountain Farm, Greensboro Bend, $5,000 (VH)

White Pine Association, West Braintree, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Worcester Historical Society, Worcester, $5,000 (VH)

Yellow Barn, Putney, $15,000 (VAC)

Young Tradition Vermont, Fairfax, $5,000 (VAC)

Young Writers Project, Burlington, $5,000 (VAC $2,500; VH $2,500)

Creation Grants support the creation of new work by Vermont artists. Creation Grants were supported in part by the Vermont Community Foundation’s Arts Endowment Fund. Descriptions of award projects are available at the link.

Kellam Ayres, Middlebury, $4,000

Rita Banerjee, Montpelier, $4,000

Francesca Blanchard, Burlington, $4,000

Ann Dávila Cardinal, Morrisville, $4,000

KeruBo, Winooski, $4,000

Jesse Kreitzer, Brattleboro, $4,000

Travis Laplante, Putney, $4,000

Jen Lazar, Burlington, $4,000

Mikahely, Burlington, $4,000

Nancy Winship Milliken, Charlotte, $4,000

Modern Times Theater, East Hardwick, $4,000

Xander Naylor, Winooski, $4,000

Liam O'Connor-Genereaux, South Ryegate, $4,000

Danielle O'Hallisey, Burlington, $4,000

Rachel Portesi, Saxtons River, $4,000

William Ransom, Norwich, $4,000

Jes Raymond, Wilder, $4,000

Sonia Scherr, Norwich, $4,000

Ruth Shafer, Brattleboro, $4,000

Bronwyn Sims, Williamsville, $4,000

Rebecca Valley, Cambridge, $4,000

Diana Whitney, Brattleboro, $4,000

Sam Wyatt, Lincoln, $4,000

Cultural Facilities Grants support nonprofit organizations and municipalities to improve the safety, quality, or accessibility of public buildings. Descriptions of award projects are available at the link.

Bennington Museum, Bennington, $15,575

Broad Brook Community Center, Guilford, $30,000

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium, St. Johnsbury, $26,700

Friends of Dog Mountain, St. Johnsbury, $12,935

Friends of the Union Meeting Hall, Ferrisburgh, $26,400

Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History, Middlebury, $20,067

Main Street Arts, Saxtons River, $26,700

Middlebury Studio School, Middlebury, $10,880

River Arts of Morrisville, Morrisville, $15,034

Sheldon Historical Society, Sheldon, $15,798

Strafford Historical Society, Strafford, $18,040

Town of Fair Haven, Fair Haven, $16,910

Town of Franklin, Franklin, $8,887

Town of Rockingham, Bellows Falls, $21,222

Vermont Granite Museum, Barre, $26,700

Wardsboro Public Library , Wardsboro, $3,606

Digital Capacity Grants help build the digital capacity of Vermont cultural organizations. Descriptions of award projects are available at the link.

Organization Grants

Art on Main, Bristol, $7,500

Bennington Museum, Bennington, $25,000

Brattleboro Words Trail, Brattleboro, $25,000

CATV, Inc., White River Junction, $5,000

Central Vermont Community Radio Corporation, Plainfield, $15,000

Chittenden Community Television, Burlington, $29,000

Clemmons Family Farm, Charlotte, $25,000

Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, $18,000

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium, St. Johnsbury, $22,000

Friends of the Vergennes Opera House, Vergennes, $14,000

Generator, Burlington, $12,000

Heritage Winooski Mill Museum, Winooski, $20,000

Inclusive Arts Vermont, St. Albans, $28,000

JAG Productions, White River Junction, $7,400

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum at Basin Harbor, Vergennes, $22,000

Lost Nation Theater, Montpelier, $22,000

Media Hour Ltd, East Arlington, $12,000

Middlebury Community Music Center, Middlebury, $20,000

Montpelier Community Gospel Choir, Montpelier, $20,000

North Branch Nature Center, Montpelier, $25,000

Out in the Open, Brattleboro, $29,000

Outright Vermont, Burlington, $25,000

Pride Center of Vermont, Burlington, $22,000

Rokeby Museum, Ferrisburgh, $11,500

Rural ARTS Collaborative, Greensboro, $25,000

SafeArt, Chelsea, $5,000

Stage 33 Live, Ltd, Bellows Falls, $7,800

Stone Valley Arts, Poultney, $15,000

Theatre Adventure, Brattleboro, $15,000

Vermont Abenaki Artists Association, Burlington, $15,000

Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, $18,000

Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury, $25,000

Vermont Historical Society, Barre, $22,000

Vermont Jazz Center, Brattleboro, $22,000

Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Burlington, $25,000

Very Merry Theatre, Burlington, $25,000

Weston Theater Company, Weston, $22,000

Windham World Affairs, Brattleboro, $6,000

Young Writers Project, Burlington, $25,000

Multi-Year Collaborative Grants

Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury, $120,000

Town Hall Theater, Middlebury, $120,000

Special Grants

Big Heavy World, Burlington, $24,900

Big Heavy World, Burlington, $10,800

Burlington City Arts, Burlington, $30,000

Clemmons Family Farm, Charlotte, $15,000

Vermont Abenaki Artists Association, Burlington, $15,000

Vermont Crafts Council, Montpelier, $5,000

Vermont Dance Alliance, Burlington, $13,725

Head Start Arts Integration Grants support arts-integrated experiences for early education students and teachers in Head Start classrooms.

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, Brattleboro, $5,000

Burlington City Arts, Burlington, $6,000

Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury, $1,500

Rural ARTS Collaborative, Greensboro, $6,000

Vermont Arts Exchange, North Bennington, $6,000

Special Project Grants support statewide services at the discretion of the Council’s executive director.

Governor's Institute on the Arts, Winooski, $5,000

Vermont Crafts Council, Montpelier, $3,000

Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury, $40,000

Stages in the Sun Sponsorships

In partnership with the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing and the Vermont Recreation and Parks Association and with funding from the Vermont Community Foundation, we provided $1,500 sponsorships to 21 outdoor events series across the state in the summer and fall of 2021. (These are not included on the grant map or Airtable)

Name and Location of Event

Ballet Vermont, multiple Vermont locations

Bennington Museum, Bennington

Bristol Recreation Department, Bristol

Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro

First: Earth Summer Series, Williston

Friends of the Plainfield Town Hall Opera House, Plainfield

JAG Productions, Norwich

Lyric Theatre Company, multiple Vermont locations

Main Street Arts, Rockingham

Montpelier Parks, Montpelier

Retreat Farm, Brattleboro

Rutland Recreation and Parks Department, Rutland

Scrag Mountain Music, multiple Vermont locations

The Meeting House on the Green, Fairfield

Town of Brattleboro Rec & Parks, Brattleboro

Town of Weathersfield, Weathersfield

Vermont Arts Exchange, Bennington

Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington

Vermont Shakespeare Festival, multiple Vermont locations

Vermont Symphony Orchestra, multiple Vermont locations

Village Harmony, multiple Vermont locations

Panelists and Advisors

Accessibility Advisors

Peter Johnke

Deborah Lisi-Baker*

Katie Miller

Lisa Ryan

Heidi Swevens


Cultural Facilities Coalition

Caitlin Corkins

Karen Mittelman

Steve Perkins

Grant Panelists

Genny Albert

Monica Andrews

Sarah Audsley

LN Bethea

Shoshannah Boray

Shawn Brennan

Jason Broughton

David Burnell

Jennifer Carlo

Jackie Cassino

John Churchman

Brian Cohen

Margaret Coleman

Gary Damon, Jr.

Jacqueline DeMent

Tom Dunn

Isaac Eddy

Deb Ellis

Ari Erlbaum

Eric Ford

Rob Freeburg

Sarah Freeman

Lindsay Gacad

Barbara Ganley

Wylie Garcia

Miciah Gault

Heather Geoffrey

Bonny Hall

Zeke Hecker

Jennifer Herrera Condry

Kate Hodges

Kelly Holt

Kathleen Horton

Ralph Irish

Nora Jacobson

Tabrena Karish

Sara Katz

Erin Kaufman

Renee Kelly

Rick Kerschner

Shanta Lee

Brian Leet

Ken Leslie

Phoebe Lo

Harlan Mack

Toby MacNutt

Ornella Matta-Figueroa

Laura McCaffrey

Bridget McGrath

Erin McKenney

Katie Miller

Tracy Montminy

Riki Moss

Joshua Muse

Ryan Newswanger

Susanna Olson

Dawn O’Toole

Christianna Orcel

Troy Parah

Robin Perlah

Estefania Puerta

Dana Robinson

Andrea Rosen

Vera Sheehan

Parker Silver

Lizz Sinclair

Brett Stanciu

Kelly Stoddard Poor

Jenna Struble

Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees

Nathan Suter

Margaret Tamulonis

Brian Terhune

Chris Thompson

Vaune Trachtman

Thomas Tran

Eugene Uman

Luis Vivanco

Weiwei Wang

Mary Wesley

Linda Whelihan

Kevin Wiberg

Jane Williamson

Mindy Wong

Dana Yeaton

Jack Zeilenga

IDEA Advisory Network Members

Karen Abdul-Malik

Judy Dow

Vera Escaja-Heiss

Vera Longtoe Sheehan

HB Lozito

Toby MacNutt

Justin Marsh

Katie Miller

Sha’an Mouliert

Jericho Parms

Tamara Waraschinski

Board of Trustees

Emily Bernard

Sabrina Brown

Ed Clark

Sean Clute

Will Kasso Condry

Greg Cutler

Sharon Fantl

Mark Foley

Holly Groschner

Becky McMeekin

Gail Nunziata*

Greg Paus

Tony Pietricola

Stephen Pite

Greg Sargent

Nick Sherman*

*term ended June 2022


Michele Bailey

Meredith Bell

Deirdre Connelly

Catherine Crawley

Amy Cunningham

Johanna de Graffenreid

Anne Gould

Dominique Gustin

Troy Hickman

Karen Mittelman

Desmond Peeples

Tom Pilon

Cirque de Fuego performs at Highlight New Year's Eve in Burlington. Photo by Luke Awtry.

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