Welcome to Our Savior Hawaii's Online Sunday School! Our word for today is generosity. We'll discover how Jesus gives us more than we could ever ask for or imagine.


What have been your highs and Lows from the Last week? How have you seen God's Love?


Sing and Dance

Sing and celebrate Jesus' generous love that we can give away to others!

God's Word

Read today's story in Matthew 20:1-16.


Jesus gives us life, love, and more than we deserve!

• How many times did the landowner go out? What was special about each time? • What did the landowner pay the workers? • Who is being generous in our story today? How so? • Share about a time someone was generous to you.


Practice generosity. How can you give away love and live generously this week?

Pray+ Bless

Prayer: Jesus, You forgive us and clean our hearts. Thank you for your sacrifice of love on the cross. Help us to forgive one another like you do. Amen.

Blessing: Circle up as a household. Pick someone to start the blessing. They say, "Jesus is generous toward us. And that means me (place a hand on your chest). And that means you (place your other hand on the shoulder of the person next to you)". Pass the blessing by repeating those words and actions. When the blessing makes it back to the first person, they say, "Go and bless the world."

Talk questions from Whirl Grades 1–2 Leader Guide. wearesparkhouse.org. © 2014 The Blessing was modified for the lesson based on a blessing from Sparkhouse Digital.