The Oregon Sentinel Fall 2023 - Online Express Edition

Oregon Army National Guard: Bringing harmony from homeland to Deutschland

“We’ve been working toward a mission like this for years.”

173rd FW Instructor Pilot selected as newest Thunderbird demo pilot

"Being a Guardsman is an opportunity to represent the Total Force and the ‘Land of No Slack'."

Pacific Partnership 2023 Unites Nations, Fosters New and Enduring Friendships

“The Pacific Partnership mission builds trust among nations to work efficiently together, and is critical to maintaining peace and stability in the region.”

Colonel Jenifer Pardy Promoted to Brigadier General

"Each of you has contributed to my career, my growth, my development, and my success."

Mission Ready: 102nd Oregon CERFP Completes Their First Evaluation of 2023

“This combined training exercise provided us the opportunity to refine our process as a unit and better understand the training and evaluation requirements.”

Agile Combat Employment Exercise Marks Success for the 116th ACS, WADS

“What was most impressive was the ability for them to pack, transport, and set-up all the equipment well within the mandated time frames."

Oregon National Guard Soldier recognized for heroic actions

“I am incredibly humbled by this award, but you don’t do this for the benefits, you don’t do it for pay – you do this because you believe in a higher purpose, a higher cause.”

Oregon National Guard Counterdrug program helps combat illicit drug trade

“The program can only work ‘by, with or through,’ so there has to be a law enforcement coalition that counterdrug can partner with.”

A household success: Camp Rosenbaum’s dynamic duo

“Last year getting ready for camp, after returning to in-person camp after COVID, Camp Rosenbaum was all we talked about in the house.”

Oregon Guard supports 2023 wildland fire operations across the state

The Oregon National Guard Adjutant General's Fall Column 2023

"We all joined this amazing team because we want to be a part of something that is enduring, successful and continuously innovating."

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