St. Peter Principal's Weekly Newsletter September 6, 2023

St. Peter School Eucharistic Procession 2023

Childcare will be provided for St. Peter students beginning at 6:15pm in our Key Cottage.
St. Peter 7th Grade Class of 2024
Mrs. Sigler's Kindergarten Religion students learned about the Eucharistic Procession and practiced with the Monstrance, Thurible, and candles!
Mrs. Pescay’s 6th graders are studying cells. As a part of this lesson, they learned how to use microscopes to see cell structures.

St. Peter Sports Reminder

As a reminder, the fee for playing a sport at St. Peter will be charged to your FACTS Account. You will receive an email from FACTS informing you of the charge and the draft date.

Please send your best sports photos to Tanya Montour at tmontour@stpetercov.org!

Mrs. Chautin's 3rd grade class used the Scientific Method to experiment how many drops of water would fit on a penny.
Ms. Fairchild's 1st grade class used Playdough to create Thuribles and Monstrances after they witnessed the Eucharistic Procession.
Sixth grade students enjoyed the WONDER of reading during Mrs. Pazos's "Flashlight Friday." Students were asked to look for clues and details to assist with discussion of theme, characteristics, and comprehension of the story.
Sign up here:https://www.stpetercov.org/documents/2023/8/Girls%20Club%20Registration%20Form.PNG
Kindergarten classes learned a lesson in their "Cass" book where they made a little cookbook and discussed ingredients and different recipes. They get to bring the recipe book home and Grace, in Mrs. Boudreaux's class, made a crunchy castle using her Cass cookbook.
Key Cottage tasted apples for letter A week!