Lifehacks: Bird Owner Edition By Shayna Migalang

Birds: they possess the agitative nature of a cat, and the naive curiosity of a dog. As a proud owner since 2017, I know how challenging it can be to raise a pet bird. Here are three bird owner hacks, ranging from bird entertainment to engaging food sources, that could improve you and your bird’s lives.

1. Foraging Toy

My birds have never been properly introduced to foraging, which can stimulate a bird's brain encouraging movement. What could go wrong with this small foraging toy that only requires a couple of household staples? Surely it's better than the Taco Bell or Chipotle bags I give him from time to time.

Rating: 2/10. As it turns out, a lot can go wrong. Considering Pebble, my cockatiel, is afraid of almost everything (faucet water, the talking Elmo we still keep around for some unknown reason, etc.) it probably contributed to him running away from the foreign object. Perhaps if your bird is a curious explorer it’ll enjoy this hack, but Pebble just isn’t into it.

2. Peanut Butter Feed Stick

NEWS FLASH: birds can eat peanut butter! I discovered this fun trick where you spread peanut butter and seeds onto a straw and then you hang it up for your birds to feast on.

Rating: 4/10. Although it remained untouched by the birds, I am going to give this hack the benefit of the doubt. Maybe if I took away their main food bowls, they would’ve been more interested.

3. Toy Necklace

Pebble is extremely clingy to me, to where instead of playing with his own toys, he'll pull the strings of my blankets and rip apart the cardboard tissue box on my bedside table. Perhaps a necklace with cardboard dangling from it will give him something to do?

6/10. He was interested, that's for sure! However, I'd adjust the necklace so the cardboard isn't directly on my chest as it was difficult to place Pebble so he could actually get a chance to play with it. I was also worried a mess would be made by him biting the cardboard into little pieces, keep this in mind when recreating this hack for your bird.

Music in all three videos have been sourced from Apple through iMovie, which allows users to use their music free of charge.