Create your own product packaging with Sttark. Use our templates to help you make your own custom labels and folding cartons.

Step 1: Design Your Product Labels or Folding Cartons

Get started with these easy-to-use templates we've created to begin designing your own product label or folding carton. We've included fonts, graphics, and Illustrator tips to help you!

Need a different size? You can put in your unique dimensions and download a new template using our generator here. Open the SVG file in Adobe Illustrator and easily copy over any elements you'd like to use from one the templates below.

  1. Save the SVG as an Ai file (File > Save As)
  2. Change the Color Mode to CMYK (File > Document Color Mode)
  3. Copy your desired design elements from the template file
  4. Paste into the Illustrator document with the new size

Product Labels

Folding Cartons

Step 2: Let Us Print Your Designs

After creating your new designs, it's a simple and quick process to get them printed and delivered right to your front door in just a few days. We're looking forward to seeing what you create!