M-ADE Bespoke: Making bespoke clothing a reality July 24 2023

On 24th July, the ADE (Apparel Design Engineering) team and Digital Futures at the University of Manchester recently held a 2 hour online event on making bespoke clothing a reality. In a dynamic online session spanning two hours, enthusiasts in the industry gathered to explore the blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in bespoke fashion. The event offered a platform for attendees to hear about developments supporting bespoke, and allowed the opportunity feed into decisions about how we can do bespoke and set a clear shared research agenda.

Discussions were centered around the potential of technology in achieving sustainable fashion was explored. While technology offers solutions to sustainability and waste reduction, challenges like skill shortages and exploitative practices were acknowledged. This event delved into research, followed by breakout discussions on vital areas featuring body scanning, data processing, pattern development, and VR/AR fit. This event fostered diverse perspectives, allowing shared documentation to drive industry change collaboratively.

Gerald Ruderman initiated the session by shedding light on the power of artificial intelligence in clothing design. Gerald delivered a fantastic presentation, delving into the intersection of mathematics and geometry. Watch Gerald's presentation here.

Yingjun Tian introduced a game-changing innovation: SORO-MADE, a malleable soft robotic mannequin. This creation adapts to individual body shapes, envisioning a future where garments align seamlessly with unique contours. Watch Yingjun's talk here.

Katy Schildmeyer navigated the world of 3D avatars, unraveling their role in digital pattern development. With a focus on men's jackets and women's pants, the presentation ignited discussions on leveraging digital technology to augment traditional tailoring methods, enriching fit and design precision. Watch Katy's presentation here.

Emma Scott then delved into realising bespoke patterns, emphasising a body-to-garment approach and addressing challenges linked to scalability of 3D draping. Watch Emma's presentation here.

After a short comfort break , we then moved on to breakout discussion rooms which congregated experts in four domains.

1. Body Scanning and Measurement Capture: Discussion centred on refined body scanning techniques, ensuring bespoke fit with technological finesse.

2. Data Processing: The group explored data's potential in optimizing patterns, designs, and production, elevating bespoke fashion through informed insights.

3. Pattern Development: Experts dissected translating body measurements into intricate patterns, harmonising digital innovations with traditional craftsmanship.

4. VR/AR and Fit: Virtual and augmented reality's role in revolutionising fitting experiences took centre stage, offering potential for personalised tailoring redefined.

Attendees chose to join their preferred room, allowing them to get involved in discussions around approaches, opinions and future roadmaps. Interactive padlets were utilised to enhance these discussions, please find a copy of these below.

Thank you again to everyone who attended this event and we hope to welcome you back to the next M-ADE event shortly. Click the links below to sign up to our community to keep up to date with all the latest events and opportunities.