UN High-Level Meeting on TB 2023 Securing Bold & Strategic Commitments

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#UNGA78 #2023TBHLM #EndTB #OurFuture

Stop TB Partnership and partners are launching a six-weeks long campaign countdown to United Nations High Level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB aimed to ensure that Heads of States and governments are attending and making strong commitments on Friday, 22 September 2023. Youth have always been the flagbearer of ambition and change, and to end a disease like TB that kills over 4000 people every day, the power and action of youth will give this fight a new boost.

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Children and youth are our future. This campaign centers on incredible energy, ambition and drive that the children and youth represent. We at Stop TB Partnership Secretariat, working with our own children aim to achieve a fresh movement into getting the attention of key stakeholders, especially Heads of States and Governments, who are also fathers and mothers.

This campaign is meant to call for high level engagement at UNHLM on TB in September, and a strong Political Declaration towards shaping a world without TB.

  1. Use our suggested messages and graphics below
  2. Use the hashtags: #EndTB #2023TBHLM #UNGA78 #OurFuture
  3. Tag your Head of State, Minister of Health, elected representatives, and others!
  4. Amplify on Twitter (X), Facebook, or Instagram and all social media channels!
  5. We strongly encourage you to engage your own children and youth to create social media posts for this campaign

Social Media Messages

1. πŸ“’πŸš€ LAUNCHED! Join us as we kick off a 6-week countdown to the UN High Level Meeting on TB! The youth are taking the lead, driving participation and commitments for a TB-free world. #OurFuture #UNGA78 #EndTB #2023TBHLM πŸ›‘ Join the Campaign

2. πŸ—“οΈ #SaveTheDate: September 22, 2023. Heads of States and Governments join us and make strong commitments to #EndTB. 🀝 The upcoming UNHLM on TB is our last chance to get on track to end this airborne pandemic. We need a future free from TB. #OurFuture #UNGA78 #2023TBHLM πŸ›‘ Join the Campaign

3. 🌍 Calling all Heads of States and Governments to join the #2023TBHLM! Your citizens need to see your commitments and action against this deadly disease. Let's unite to #EndTB together! 🌐 #EndTB #OurFuture #UNGA78

4. πŸ’° Investing in the fight against TB is an investment in our future. We need a total of US$250 billion during 2023-2030 to #EndTB once and for all.Β As Heads of States & Governments, you can make it happen! πŸ’ͺ#OurFuture #UNGA78 #2023TBHLM

5.🌐The TB response should be centered on social equity and inclusivity. Let's build a rights-based, people-centered approach to #EndTB and led by TB survivor & communities worldwide. #OurFuture #UNGA78 #2023TBHLM

6. We want to be Generation Zero TB and we will NOT accept anything less! #OurFuture #UNGA78 #2023TBHLM #EndTB 🌐