Investing in Our Community Improving learning spaces: on time and within budget

See highlights of the 25 projects completed through the Omaha Public Schools 2018 Bond Program.

Bluestem Middle‏‏‎ ‎

New School

Bluestem Middle opened August 2023

5910 S. 42nd St.

Conestoga Elementary

2115 Burdette St.

Conestoga Elementary staff and students enjoy improvements to the existing building including HVAC system updates and other updates.

Lewis & Clark Middle

6901 Burt St.

Students and staff are benefitting from 15 new classrooms, HVAC upgrades and other improvements.

Northwest High

8204 Crown Point Ave.

The 2018 Bond Program funded updated HVAC systems.


2606 Hamilton St.

New skylights brighten the common space for students. Other updates include HVAC improvements to increase building efficiency.

Catlin Elementary

12736 Marinda St.

Catlin Elementary staff and students enjoy an upgraded HVAC system and other updates to improve efficiency around the building.

North High

4410 N. 36th St.

HVAC upgrades and additional improvements including foundation upgrades are helping make North High more efficient.

Forest Station Elementary‏‏‎ ‎
Pine Elementary‏‏‎ ‎

New Schools

Forest Station Elementary opened August 2022

1010 Childs Rd. W., Bellevue

Pine Elementary opened August 2022

810 Pine St.

Morton Middle

4606 Terrace Dr.

Morton Middle started the 2023-24 school year with nine new classrooms, exterior brickwork and HVAC updates.

Benson High

5120 Maple St.

Benson High received HVAC system updates along with other improvements to increase building system efficiencies.

Edison Elementary

2303 N. 97th St.

Edison Elementary students and staff are enjoying three new classrooms and HVAC updates. Two classrooms also have added storm-safe areas.

Transition Program

4839 N. 72nd St.

Omaha Public Schools Transition Program provides a variety of services that help our young adult students on their journey to independent living. Thanks to our 2018 Bond Program, we can now serve them in a modernized space, enhancing student experiences.

Bryan High

4700 Giles Rd.

Bryan High received HVAC updates and additional improvements to their existing building.

Adams Elementary

3420 N. 78th St.

An updated entryway welcomes staff and students as they start their day at Adams Elementary. The building also received HVAC updates and efficiency improvements.

Buena Vista High‏‏‎ ‎
Westview High‏‏‎ ‎

New Schools

Buena Vista High opened August 2022

5616 L St.

Westview High opened August 2022

15800 Summit Plaza, Bennington

Spring Lake Elementary

4215 S. 20th St

Staff and students returned home in August 2023 following renovations. Updates include 10 new classrooms, HVAC improvements and more.

Highland Elementary

2625 Jefferson St.

Students and staff returned to Highland Elementary in January 2022 following the completion of a new addition and capital improvements to the existing building. The work included new classrooms and HVAC updates to increase system efficiencies.

Central High

124 N. 20th St.

Central High received HVAC updates and installed a new skylight roof in the center courtyard.

Pinewood Elementary

6717 N. 63rd St.

With new gymnasium flooring, natural lighting and three brand-new classrooms, Pinewood Elementary has enhanced its learning experience thanks to the 2018 Bond Program.

Masters Elementary

5505 N. 99th St.

Masters Elementary renovations included four new classrooms, two storm-safe areas and other security enhancements.

South High

4519 S. 24th St.

South High received updates to the HVAC system and additional improvements to increase building efficiency.

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Pinewood Elementary