Lincoln at a Glance Picture Day!

To the survivors of the first few weeks

Welcome Parents of Lincoln Academy to our weekly newsletter. You've done well surviving the first few weeks of school, we understand that getting your students ready for school is a lot of work. The purpose of these newsletters it to add even more tools to your survival toolbelt to get you through the school year worry free! (No guarantees, but we're sure this will help)

We want to thank you all for your patience this far and we look forward to getting to know you and your students!

At a glance

HouseKeeping Items


Thank you all for your continued patience and cooperation during carpool as the school year kicks off. We understand your frustration as we all get into the swing of a new year and we want to offer a few simple reminders as we continue through the year.

Please be considerate of the surrounding private property. This means maintaining speed regulations and taking care that we respect the personal space of the local residential area. Please keep in mind the public's access to their mailboxes, trash pickup services, and emergency vehicle designated areas.

Be extra careful when entering the parking lot and the entire time you are in the carpool line. Do your best to remove distractions and to watch carefully for the aids who are helping to maintain the flow of carpool traffic and especially the students that are trying to leave campus. Drive slowly and please be patient so as to avoid making a tragic mistake.

We appreciate you and all you do to make this experience as efficient as possible.

Add The Calendar

One of the best tips we can give you is to stay up to date with the Lincoln Academy calendar. Although your students are fantastic, they don't always make the best middle men when it comes to upcoming events at school.

If you don't want to miss things like picture days or online days, be sure to be looking ahead. The calendar also shows sports, teacher conferences, and everything else you don't want to miss. Make sure to view it here or see it on the home page of the website.

Picture Day

As you may have heard, picture day is on Wednesday. Tell Siri to set a reminder now unless you want a truly memorable picture day. Wednesday doesn't work out? Don't sweat it, retakes will be on Oct. 17th.

Use the link below to order pictures online. Use code 80829SA to order.

Online Day

A picture of your student happily doing their schooling online

Online day is coming up this Friday! What this means is:

  • Your student will NOT be on campus
  • Your student will access their school work from Canvas
  • You may have to reach out to your student's teacher for more information (Contact teachers here)

PARENTS: It is very important that your student is able to log onto Canvas. If you are having trouble please contact the office for help with getting your student logged in. If once you log in you have questions about content please contact your student’s teacher. You can visit the staff directory for contact information.

Lunches will not be made on Friday, even if you placed them on your lunch order for the week. You will not be charged for this day, but lunch will not be available.

We hope this day offers flexibility and a different way for students to interact with their learning material. Parents, please hold your students accountable for their education, and help them understand their responsibility for completing their online assignments. The assignments will be graded the same as if they were in person and are to be taken seriously. Thank you for your commitment to this, and we hope you have a great week.

Holiday (Labor day)

Next Monday, Sep. 4th, students DO NOT need to come to campus for classes that day. Enjoy the long weekend!

3rd Annual Fall Festival

The Lincoln Academy Fundraising Committee is excited to invite you to our 3rd annual Fun Fall Festival Fundraiser! It will be held at Lincoln Academy on September 22, 2023 from 4-7 PM. This has become our favorite tradition here at Lincoln and we are looking forward to meeting all our new Lincoln families! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year so your attendance is very much appreciated and your money goes towards helping our school so much! We have been able to do some major upgrades to our playground because of fundraising and so this year at our event we will be having a ribbon cutting to celebrate! We hope to see you there!

Wristbands are $15/person. Get them in advance because they are $20 at the door!

As a committee we have compiled some Q&A’s to help you understand this event. Can’t wait to see you there and raise money for our amazing school!

Q: Do parents need to pay if they are just accompanying their children?

A: Yes. Everyone ages 3 and over must have a wristband for entry into the fundraiser.

Q: What do I get for the cost of my wristband? Is it unlimited bounce houses and activities?

A: With your wristband, you get a hot dog, chips, and a drink for dinner (there’s a small tab on the wristbands that we will remove once you’ve gotten your dinner), and unlimited access to all bounce houses and carnival games for the duration of the evening.

Q: What is NOT included in my ticket?

A: Nothing Bundt Cake, cotton candy, silent auction, dunk tank tickets, tickets for face painting and tickets for balloon art.

Q: When will I receive my wristbands?

A: You can get them at the entrance of the event the night of.

Q: Can I just drop off my kids?

A: No, parental supervision is REQUIRED. If you are bringing your child you will also need to have a wristband to enter.

Q: Where is the festival going to be held?

A: At Lincoln Academy in the backyard. We are expecting a large crowd for this event. Please carpool as much as possible. The front parking lot will be available to use but once it is full you will need to park on the street. Please be polite to the neighbors and do not block anyone’s driveways.

If you have any more questions, please email steph.revelli@gmail.com and we will answer them as soon as we can! Thanks! We are SO excited for this event! Thank you for purchasing wristbands to support our school’s effort in fundraising!

After School Art

Junior high events

  • Aug. 30th - Girls Volley ball 4-6pm at Ascent Academy
  • Aug. 30th- Boys Soccer 4-5pm at Osier Park

Good luck to our Eagles!