Wold Academy News July 2023

Welcome to the final edition of the newsletter for this academic year. It's hard to believe that another year has passed! Enjoy reading the round-up of the final few weeks.

Dates for your diary:

  • Tue 18th July - Art exhibition in the hall - 3pm
  • Wed 19th July - Instrumental concert in the hall - 2:45pm
  • Thu 20th July - Y6 prom
  • Fri 21st July - Finish for Summer Holidays
  • Mon 4th / Tue 5th Sept - Staff training days
  • Wed 6th Sept - School opens to pupils

F1 & Beehive

This has been a great year for the Beehive and F1. We have see the coronation of a new king which saw the children celebrate with their parents at our stay and play session.

The children have made huge progress asking questions when our special people came to visit us in the classroom. They were able to use why, when and where to start off their questioning. It seems a lot of our children wanted to know if our important people liked cake. Mr Snelgrove loves cake!!

One of the children's favourite topics was the science topic - materials. Each week we investigated and discussed a different material. They loved finding materials that were magnetic.

The children have become gardeners and are still watching our vegetable patch grow. They tried radishes and hopefully when we return in September the children will try our home grown potatoes.

Is this magnetic?

We have loved watching your children grow and are very excited to celebrate the older children leaving us for school next week with our graduation party. We hope that your children enjoy the next part of their learning journey and remember their time in nursery with fondness.

Until we see you next year. Thank you for all your support, have a lovely holiday and keep safe!


Wow! We cannot believe it is that time of year again already. F2 have been busy preparing for Year 1 by carrying out some Year 1 maths lessons using the whole school maths scheme ‘Effective Maths.’ The boys and girls will be experts next year. Mrs Webster also visited us as a special guest to show us how to use a maths tool called a ‘Rekenrek.’ We listened carefully and followed Mrs Webster instructions.

In Talk For Writing we have been learning ‘The Magic Porridge Pot.’ We recently became authors and wrote our own beginning, middle and end of the story, innovating one of the characters to Coach Jack!

In the wider curriculum we have been very busy. We became geographers and explored hot and cold places on earth, writing a fact file for an African animal and a Polar animal. In design and technology we designed our own packaging and then baked biscuits to go inside. In art we researched Wassily Kandinsky and created Father’s Day cards in a similar style. We’ve also produced work for the whole school art gallery based on Henri Rousseau’s artwork ‘Surprised’. We have been weaving green fabric to recreate the jungle.

In Forest School we have been playing boundary games, building shelters, searching for minibeasts and establishing a sitting circle. Thank you to our parent volunteers that have made Forest School possible this year.

A huge shout out to all of the boys and girls that participated in sports day! We were very proud of their determination, perseverance and sportsmanship and we thought their behaviour was incredible. Ice pops were very well deserved.

Next week we will be having a very special visit from The Purple Pig farm as our end of year treat. Rachel the farmer is going to bring some of her farm animals for us to see and pet.

We will also be talking lots about Year 1, visiting the classrooms, sharing worries and discussing things that we are looking forward to.

Ms Dervey, Miss Childe and Miss Harrison have loved watching F2 grow into Year 1 ready pupils, and we wish them all the best in their journey through school. Thank you for all of your support. Keep popping back to say hello!

The children in F2 have thoroughly enjoyed using the new equipment that was purchased for use at lunchtimes. The construction materials have been particularly popular, and we have seen some amazing creations from the children.

Year 1

What a fantastic, busy year we have had in Year 1! We are very proud of all of the children and the work that they have done. We will look back fondly on events such as our Nativity at Christmas, Egyptian day in history and most recently, our workshop with Scrapstore.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. We had fun designing and creating our own moving vehicles using lots of interesting scrap items. Please see the photos below. Back in the classroom, we evaluated our finished products, thinking about what worked well and how we could improve them.

We have also been creative in art, and we are looking forward to showing our artwork, inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau, in an exhibition at school next week.

In geography, we have enjoyed taking a closer look at our capital city this half term and the reasons that people are attracted to live and work in London.

The children have shown great sportsmanship in PE whilst practising races and competing in our sports day. They should be very proud of themselves!

The staff in Year 1 would like to thank all parents and carers for their ongoing support this year. We hope that you all have a fantastic summer!

Year 2

Year 2 have had a busy last term!

For our T4W unit, we have explored the 'Tiger Attack' text. We finished by writing our own version, about a dragon attack on our poor teacher arriving at school. They were very fun to write!

We have been looking at materials in science and testing out which materials are suitable for specific roles. We even tested out which materials would be suitable to make Teddy's umbrella. This unit also linked to recycling materials which is good for the environment. One of our homework tasks was to photograph our self being an Eco-Warrior. Well done to those of you that did this, great job looking after the environment!

In geography we have been comparing farming today, with farming that was developed in the Ancient Egyptian times. One piece of equipment we found interesting was the shaduf, which was used to collect water to water the crops. Our history unit linked to our geography as it was about Ancient Egyptians. We looked into Egyptians gods and found out why Ra the sun god was one of the most important to them.

Our last week has been a DT focus and we have used recycled objects and materials to design our piece of work.

We have really enjoyed teaching Year 2 this year and we wish you all the best in Year 3. We are certain you will continue to shine! From all the staff in Year 2.


This year, the whole school are taking part in The National Gallery’s ‘Take One Picture’ project. Each year, the gallery in London selects one piece of artwork for schools to recreate. This year the chosen artwork is Henri Rousseau’s ‘Surprised’. We have been busy exploring the artwork and recreating artwork inspired by the picture. We will be submitting a small sample of artwork to The National Gallery and winning entries will be displayed in their exhibition!

We would like to invite you to our whole school art exhibition which will take place on Tuesday 18th July in the main hall after school. Each child’s artwork will be displayed from Beehive - Year 6. Refreshments will also be available to purchase.

We hope you can join us for this special celebration.

Year 3

In our final term, Y3 have been incredibly busy getting ourselves ready for next year!

We have tried our hand at making 3D shapes from 2D nets in DT, and carried this over into maths where we began to look at shape and measure.

Our final hot write of the year was hugely successful, with children designing their machines and describing the weird and wonderful features that their inventions could achieve, explaining in detail how it worked and why people needed to buy one.

In science we have been learning about the water cycle and where all the water on the planet actually comes from! The children were fantastic in showing their understanding of how water transitions from solid ice, to liquid water and then to gaseous water vapour in an ongoing cycle that has lasted billions of years.

Our final geography topic saw us learn about coastal erosion and the impact it has had on our lives. Being from a city (relatively) close to the coast, it was easy to demonstrate the impact that erosion has on local communities in our county, as well as examples from the wider country where climate change has accelerated erosion rates to the point of people’s houses falling into the ocean! The children had great fun recreating the sea defences and wrote an awareness poster to persuade the government to upgrade the defences at Hemsby.

Our trip to the Big Malarky was a resounding success; the children represented the school fantastically well and were so respectful and keen to try new experiences. We would like to thank everybody who made that possible for us, from parents, organisers, staff and, of course, the children themselves!

We have had a fantastic year and 2022-23 academic year has been chock-full of wonderful accomplishments from this cohort. On behalf of everybody who worked with Year 3 this year, we would like to wish the children (and their families) a wonderful, hard-earned Summer break and we wish all of them the very best for Year 4!

Some of the beautiful artwork to accompany The Lost Words project

Year 4

Where to start with how much fun Year 4 have had this year!

We started the year with lots of science fun, investigating magnetism and magnetic materials, investigating levers and much more. We have worked really hard in our writing units, developing our descriptive writing and storytelling skills. We have enjoyed reading lots of books this year from 'The Nowhere Emporium' to 'Rosa Parks'. Flex dance visited for World Book Day where we told stories through drama.

We are so proud of how hard Year 4 have worked towards their times tables! They have smashed every TT Rockstars competition, putting in amazing effort.

As our end of term fun, we had an amazing visit to Sledmere house, where the children were superstars. We met a shire horse, planted seeds and saw how crops turn into the food we buy from the shops. Music with Mr Keith has been a joy each week where we have had amazing opportunities performing at Hull Minster.

We are so proud of our Year 4 children and their efforts this year and wish them well going into Year 5!

Year 5

Year 5 have had a busy week last week attending Sirius Academy. The children enjoyed a range of activities linked to going on a Summer holiday, including a food technology activity, holiday planning, description writing and science.

This half term the children have completed work on Oceans in geography, where they have learnt about over-fishing and the impacts of global warming. In history, we have learned about Viking jobs, homes and religion. In T4R, we have looked at the poem 'Invictus' and the ancient story 'Beowulf'. In T4W, we have written a setting description and our own version of 'Beowulf and the Sea Hag'.

It really has been an action-packed year with swimming, bikeability and our opera performance of The Magic Flute.

Thanks again for all your continued support.

Year 6

As the end of term is almost upon us, Year 6 has been busy preparing for their final weeks at Wold Academy. Our recent play, “The Next Big Step” perfectly conjures up the emotions we are feeling about moving on. It has been a delight to see the children embrace the Year 6 milestones from SATS exams to the residential and to our final performance on the stage together. We must acknowledge how immensely proud we were of their performance as children fully embraced their roles ranging from: crew members, actors, singers and dancers. For some children, standing on a stage and delivering one line of script is very daunting, however, with the support and encouragement of their peers, all the children, without exception, took part making us very proud.

We must also mention the childrens’ overall experience of the residential trip. After a full day at Let Loose, we enjoyed wonderful activities on the school field such as campfire stories, jewellery making and orienteering. One pupil commented that he felt like he was at Glastonbury while Mr Morris played on his guitar at dusk by the campfire! A highlight of the evening was when the children received their leavers hoodies which they have worn ever since.

Many of our Year 6 children have been visiting their new secondary schools this week and have hinted that they are sad to be moving on but agree that it is an exciting time in their lives where they will gain more independence and responsibility. Our leavers disco/prom will be a lovely event for them to make special memories and our final assembly on the last day will give them the send-off they deserve. We believe that these last few weeks at school are precious, and we intend to make them as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

The Year 6 team would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and carers for their support this year and we wish your children every success in their futures.

The Launch Pad

This month Mrs Riley posed the children a question, how does your mindset grow? As usual the children rose to the challenge and have cultivated their ideas into this rather wonderful growth mindset art display! Children from F1 to Year 6 contributed, reflecting that our mindset can be worked on at any age. The children considered what it means to have a positive mindset, how this can be a building block for when times are tough and how they need to celebrate their authentic selves and be proud of all they can achieve.

Art brings joy to our hearts. The children have also been using art to forge new friendships across the year groups with this playtime project. It has been lovely to see children share thoughts and ideas with each other and watch new friendships grow.

As we move towards the end of the school year in The Launch Pad the focus will be on the children having a positive transition to their new year groups and secondary schools.

School Holiday Support

We want every child who attends Wold Academy to have a happy, healthy and enriching holiday. With this in mind, we have prepared a list of helpful websites and points of access for you.

Hull City Council and East Riding Council have a wide range of activities on offer. If you are in receipt of benefits or if your child receives free school meals sessions are offered free or at a reduced price.

Hull City Council - www.hull.gov.uk - A range of services form a point of access service including interventions to support social, emotional health and wellbeing.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council - www.eastriding.gov.uk - A range of services to support families including activities available in the East Riding, finding the nearest children's centres and accessing early help.

Hull and East Riding Mumbler - hullandeastriding.mumbler.co.uk - A website and blog that really has it all, including mental health support and a huge number of things to do in Hull and the East Riding including classes, ideas for free days out in the area.

Hull CCG Child and Young Person Services - A contact point for a range of services is open from 0700-1700 daily on 01482 303688. Crisis Team 01482 301701

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind - www.heymind.org.uk - A website offering a wide range of mental health services including one to one support, specialist advice to support young children and adults and group sessions to improve mental health.

Thrive Hull (formally Head Start) - www.howareyoufeeling.org.uk - A website and point of access covering a wide range of mental health issues and further links to support for parents such as let’s talk Hull.

If you are having a sort out of any toys / games / figures - please consider donating them to school for play therapy sessions or Breakfast / Buzz Club. Thank you.


Our Year 6 children are preparing to move on to secondary education - we wish them all luck and hope they have happy memories of Wold! We also wish any other children who are moving all the best at their new schools.

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to some staff at the end of this term:

  • After 5 years, Miss Bailey is moving to a school closer to her home. We wish her well in her new role!
  • Having passed her teaching qualification, Mrs K Dervey has successfully secured her first full-time teaching role - well done and good luck!
  • After 12 years at Wold, Mrs Wilkinson is relocating 'up north'. We wish her all the best in her new ventures - the tears will be flowing on the last day!

Other news:

  • Miss Antonio has gone on maternity leave; we look forward to hearing the news when her baby arrives.
  • Congratulation to Mr Salvidge who became a daddy recently.
  • Miss Cross is getting married over the Summer and will return in September as Mrs Underwood. We hope you have a lovely day!

New classes for September 2023

  • Miss Angell / Mrs McKie - Nursery / Beehive
  • Ms Dervey - F2D
  • Miss Childe - F2C
  • Miss Nuttall - 1N
  • Mrs Webster - 1W
  • Mrs Everingham / Mrs Lloyd - 2LE
  • Mrs Marrett / Mrs Lloyd - 2LM
  • Mrs Carter / Mrs McKie - 3CM
  • Mr Haymes - 3H
  • Mrs Underwood - 4U
  • Mr Salvidge - 4S
  • Miss Cooper - 5C
  • Mrs Covello / Mrs O'Connor - 5CO
  • Miss Humble - 6H
  • Mr Moughton - 6M