A film by Johan Söderberg Erik Pauser and fridjon rafnsson Music by Lucky people center

Lucky People Center, is a pioneering multimedia collective. Rooted in Sweden, this group emerged during the 1990s and quickly gained international recognition for their innovative fusion of music, film, art, and technology. The collective started as an underground illegal nightclub in Gothenburg. It moved its base to Stockholm in the early 1990s, forming a multimedia and musical collective. The collective produced the short films, "Information is Free" and "Electronic Pollution" comprising of short videos put together to two 30 minutes films. The films are made up primary from samples from different TV channels and some documentary footage collected in various parts of the world. The experience from making the short films as well as the way of working, were utilized in Lucky People Center's most notable work, the full-length film "Lucky People Center International", directed and edited by Johan Söderberg and Erik Pauser. The difference being that in this film the directors collected all the material themselves during a year and a half of travels around the globe. Released in 1998, the film is showcasing the diversity of human experiences their passion and beliefs, shedding light on social and cultural phenomena around the globe. Lucky People Center were playing some major events around Europe during this time. For the live events the group developed a video-sampler that was triggered by a D-Drum. The also mixed up to ten separate video streams projected on large screens surrounding the stage

Still from Deathmachine

"Electronic Pollution" was first screened on SVT and has after that have been screened at various venues, festivals and networks. It was also shown as an installation.

Galleri Forum, Malmö

Electronic Pollution, video 30 min. 1996. Directed, produced and edited by Johan Söderberg, Erik Pauser, Fridjon Rafnsson Music by Lucky People Center, Production company Brandklipparen. Featuring: Sundance, Dance the Nazi, Deathmachine, Little Star, Inhale, Order Now, L' Argent, Liquid fire.