Motion Graphics Templates Technical Requirements Guidelines for Adobe Stock Artists

Motion Graphics templates (.mogrt) should be well-designed, out-of-the-box solutions that are simple to use without additional documentation. The user experience should be the highest priority along with design.

Composition Settings

  1. Version: After Effects 2021 version 18.1+
  2. No 3rd party plugins or unsupported effects
  3. Dimensions: 1920px x 1080px
  4. Duration: 1-60 seconds
  5. Language: English
  6. Filesize: Under 1GB, under 500MB preferred

MoGRT Guidelines

  1. Max of 5 styles per mogrt
  2. Add color controls for text and most elements
  3. Add Responsive Design — Time
  4. Project must use the JavaScript Engine
  5. Universalize Expressions
  6. Set Poster Time and Mogrt Name


  1. Max of 5 controls per group and a max of 5 sub-groups per group
  2. Use Groups and Sub-Groups for organization
  3. Use ranges for Slider Controls
  4. Use Math.Round for Sliders for styles
  5. Use clear, descriptive control / Drop Down Menu item / Group / Subgroup names and avoid abbreviations
  6. Close Groups before export


  1. Source Text — max of 5 inputs (Exception: Infographics)
  2. Accept a minimum of 20 characters by default with no cutoff by mattes, masks, or comp edges
  3. Use simple explainer text or dummy text, don’t use brand names or real names
  4. Set anchor point and justification accordingly or add Position control to compensate
  5. Fonts must be from Adobe Fonts, including unused/hidden text layers
  6. Font Properties with Custom Font Selection and Font Size Adjustment

Media Replacement:

  1. Max of 5 inputs
  2. Replace layer with Placeholder
  3. MoGRT Must play back in real time in Premiere Pro after Media is replaced, at ¼ resolution by 3rd playthrough


  1. Do not use any brand logos
  2. All assets inside of mogrt must have been created by you. This includes images, video, and textures. People/locations require a model release.
  3. Exception: NASA CC0 may be used for maps

Effects Information

  • Unsupported Effects: 3D Camera Tracker, Apply Color LUT, Camera-Shake Deblur, Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse, Maxon CINEWARE, Puppet, Warp Stabilizer, and Environment layers
  • Unsupported Footage: Dynamic Link footage (e.x.: Premiere Pro sequences or Character Animator CC scenes) and FLV format footage

Video Codec Information

Adobe no longer supports legacy QuickTime 7 era formats and codecs starting from Premiere Pro version 12.1 and After Effects version 15.1. Professional codecs such as ProRes, DNxHD, and Animation are not affected by this change. Use non-impacted codecs for linked assets.

Guidelines: 1: Technical Requirements | 2: Metadata Requirements | 3: Submission Requirements Reference: HomeCategories | Expressions | Media Replacement | MoGRT Optimization | Artist FAQ

Header Image: Rainbow Transitions by Willo

Last Updated: 2/14/23

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