Faces of Yuba Water Tim Warta, Hydro Operator

Photo: Tim competes in an Ironman Triathlon in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Yuba Water's hydro operator, Tim Warta, is part of the team that is responsible for monitoring and operating the agency’s hydroelectric power generation facilities and flood risk reduction infrastructure. Scroll to learn more about Tim, his essential duties and what he enjoys in his free time.

What does your average day look like? Or what are some of your essential duties?

I actively monitor river flows, equipment and all things related to Yuba Water's Yuba River Development Project. My day can be very quiet or complete chaos, but it never seems to land in the middle.

What is your background/formal education that led to where you are in your career today?

I started my career in the power industry at a young age and have now worked in this industry for more than 22 years. My first job in the industry was a loader operator at the Calpine Greenleaf 1 power plant in Yuba City.

Photo: Tim and his son, Landon, pause for a photo while backpacking in Desolation Wilderness.

Do your duties differ throughout the year? And if so, how?

During storm conditions, priorities often become more focused on flood risk reduction tasks and efforts.

What do you enjoy most about working for Yuba Water Agency?

I enjoy the opportunity to work and serve in the community that I grew up in.

Tell us something about yourself that most of us don’t know.

I regularly compete in Ironman events across the country and have completed a total of six.

Tim, his daughter, Claire, wife, Casey, and Landon snap a selfie while checking out Olympic Park in Park City, Utah (top left). Tim and his family stand at the finish line of the Sacramento Ironman (top right). Tim and Claire pose for a photo while hiking in Donner (bottom left). Tim and Casey enjoy a bike ride in Lake Tahoe (bottom right).

Before working for Yuba Water, what was the most interesting job you had?

I worked for two months at a turkey processing plant straight out of high school.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family, mountain biking with my son, backpacking, fishing, traveling and trying new endurance challenges.

What are three words you would use to describe Yuba Water Agency?

Electrifying, efficient and empowering.