The Success Express is designed to inform and help Lamb School graduate students develop success strategies as they complete online communication programs at Purdue University.

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Student Success Story

Sadiya Jahan, MS Communication Student

I'm immensely grateful for the nurturing environment at an esteemed university, where the entire staff is incredibly supportive. During my initial days in my first semester and course, I felt disoriented and confused, adjusting to returning to academic life after a decade. Fortunately, a supportive success coach guided me through these challenges, patiently addressing each concern I faced.

Since then, whenever I encountered any issues, I promptly sought assistance from a success coach without delay. Their remarkable support was immensely helpful, ensuring that I never felt stressed when resolving any problems.

However, having completed two courses, I've realized that effective communication isn't an inherent skill; it requires specific techniques. I've gained newfound confidence through my studies, especially in academic writing. The prospect of further honing these abilities during my master's degree is exciting and beyond my imagination. I feel fortunate to be part of Purdue University, where expert instructors diligently prepare students for real-world learning and future careers. Their exceptional support is commendable. Upon successfully obtaining my master's in communication from Purdue University, I am certain that I will be more confident, ready to embrace challenges wherever I venture, and skillfully handle any professional role that comes my way.

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Upcoming Virtual events

Coffee Chat with Dr. Bart Collins, Lamb School Director of Graduate Students | Wednesday, January 17 from 12-1pm ET

This is a great opportunity for you to see Dr. Collins and learn more about how you can be successful in your program. Dr. Collins will also provide a tutorial on using Google Scholar in conjunction with the Purdue Library system to complete your coursework.

Citation Management | Wednesday, January 17 from 1:30-2:30pm ET

After doing your research, you can waste hours getting your citations into the proper format, in the correct order in your paper, and listed in your bibliography. Zotero is a free citation management program that can help you collect, organize, and share your research. This session is designed to help graduate students get started with Zotero. Attendees will learn how to set up Zotero, gather citations, and generate bibliographies. Hosted by The Graduate School Professional Development Office

Time Management | Thursday, February 8 from 1:30-2:30 pm ET

Intended to teach participants how they can make the most of their time, this presentation touches on ways our brains work against us when completing tasks. Listeners will learn ways to reduce ineffective time management and will participate in activities to identify areas in their lives that need improvement when it comes to spending time wisely. Hosted by The Graduate School Professional Development Office

Personal Branding | Wednesday, February 21 from 1:30-2:30pm ET

This presentation will provide an introduction to how advanced degree seekers can develop and refine their professional brand, and how they can convey it via career tools like elevator pitches and LinkedIn summaries, and during career events such as networking and informational interviews. Hosted by The Graduate School Professional Development Office

AI Tools for Literature Review | Wednesday, March 6 from 12-1pm ET

With the proliferation of AI tools, graduate students often ask themselves how these tools can be ethically used to bolster their research. ChatGPT has gained traction, but its utility is constrained by issues like outdated information, artificial hallucinations, and limited access to scholarly publications hidden behind a paywall. Fortunately, new AI tools have been developed that promote academic exploration and discovery, such as offering generative article summaries, citation chaining, and thematic literature mapping capabilities. This workshop will explore three AI tools—Perplexity, Research Rabbit, and Inciteful—designed to support the research and literature review process. This session will provide a demonstration showcasing their features, ethical usage exemplars, and guidance and strategies for evaluating AI tools for research in the future. Hosted by The Graduate School Professional Development Office

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