Ending HIV Zero out the epidemic NOT the budget

The U.S. has made remarkable progress against HIV. But that progress is in danger.

Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) and amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) assessed the proposed cuts to HIV/AIDS funding in the House of Representatives FY24 appropriations bill. A data visualization was created to highlight the impact these cuts might have across all HIV/AIDS programs and look specifically at the Ending the HIV in Epidemic in the U.S. program by way of example.

Supporting materials are available to help the community amplify these messages and advocate for protecting critical HIV/AIDS funding:

  • A social media toolkit
  • Information on how private funding complements -- or doesn't -- federal funding for the 57 EHE jurisdictions

We hope you will join us in sharing these messages as we advocate to protect critical HIV/AIDS funding!

Toolkit Content

COPY: The proposed House cuts to FY24 HIV/AIDS funding has real human costs. We need continued funding & political will to meet the 2030 deadline of ending #HIV #AIDS. #FundHIVFight #SaveHIVFunding
COPY: The U.S. has made remarkable progress against HIV/AIDS. But the House FY24 budget bill puts that progress at extreme risk. Protect essential HIV/AIDS funding. https://bit.ly/ZeroOutTheEpidemic#FundHIVFight #EndAIDS #SaveHIVFunding
COPY: Federally funded programs support people's health & wellbeing, reduce the risk of new #HIV infections among those disproportionately impacted & can get us back on track to meeting global goals. But they require govt funding to do so! https://bit.ly/ZeroOutTheEpidemic #FundHIVFight #SaveHIVFunding
COPY: Progress fighting HIV is not permanent. Funding cuts to HIV programs proposed by the House will result in a backslide & cause harm to thousands of people. https://bit.ly/ZeroOutTheEpidemic #FundHIVFight #SveHIVFunding
COPY: Philanthropy can complement government initiatives, even filling in gaps in funding. But it is just a fraction of the overall U.S. HIV/AIDS response. There is no safety net when federal funds are cut for critical programs. #FundHIVFight #EndAIDS #SaveHIVFunding
COPY: Governments and multilateral donors must continue to fund HIV programs so that we can and can get back on track to ending the epidemic by 2030. #FundHIVFight #EndAIDS #SaveHIVFunding