Humans In The Loop: The Future of Design and Digital Manufacturing This event explored the crucial role of human factors in the future of design and digital manufacturing.

On 16th June 2022, we hosted an exciting online, cross-theme event between the Digital Futures Human-Centred Design, Industry 5.0, and Employment & Productivity themes.

As we move towards more sophisticated automation, it is increasingly important that everything we design has human understanding, behaviour and ethics at its centre. Researchers at the University are pioneering new methods for ensuring the technology we create has humans at its core.

Industry 5.0 integrates AI and the crucial and exclusively human strengths of problem-solving, value-adding creativity, and deep understanding of customers, to improve products and productivity and enable mass personalisation. This event brought together researchers from across the University of Manchester's Digital Futures network to discuss the crucial role of human factors in the future of design and digital manufacturing.


Professor Susan Postlethwaite | Professor of Fashion Technology, Manchester Fashion Institute | Agile tooling and Robotics for Reshoring UK Garment Production

Professor Silvia Massini | Professor of Economics and Management of Innovation | Dr Mabel Sanchez Barrioluengo | Presidential Fellow in Digital Innovation | Adoption of Digital Technologies and Skills in the North West

Dr Simeon Gill | Senior Lecturer in Fashion Technology | Human Scale Product Development

Dr Denham Phipps | Lecturer in Patient Safety | Human factors insights from healthcare

Digital Futures is a highly interdisciplinary network which operates across the whole range of the University’s digital research.

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