Game Day Traditions Show your Purple Pride - Go 'Cats!

There’s nothing like a K-State game day at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

The roar of fans cheering in the stands. The smell of food cooking on grills at the tailgates in the parking lot. The band playing the K-State Fight Song and thousands of people singing along. The feeling you get when you look across the stadium at the sea of purple surrounding you.

Game day always makes us proud to be K-Staters. Here are some of our favorite traditions that pump us up for the big game and spread purple pride.

Singing the Alma Mater

Hearing the Alma Mater makes us nostalgic and warms our heart, reminding us of that spot we love full well. Hit play on the video, and sing along...

Tailgating before the game

The parking lot outside Bill Snyder Family Stadium is definitely the place to be before the big game. Fans show up dressed in their favorite purple shirts and fire up their grills, enjoying time with family and friends, and of course, sampling all the delicious food.

You may already have your favorite tailgate recipes, but if you’re looking for something new to spice up your game day gathering, we’ve got you covered.

Dancing to the Wabash Cannonball

It’s not officially game day until the Marching Band strikes up the Wabash Cannonball, and the entire stadium starts dancing along. But where did this beloved game day tradition begin?

As the story goes, all the sheet music in Nichols Hall burned in a fire in 1968…except for the famous Wabash Cannonball. A music instructor had taken that particular piece of music home that night, inadvertently saving it from the blaze. The pep band played the song at a basketball game a mere three days after the fire, and it’s been a part of K-State lore ever since.

Hit play to watch students Wabash-ing across campus. Go ahead — we know you want to stand up and dance along with them!

Willie the Wildcat

He needs no introduction...

Willie the Wildcat is K-Staters’ favorite mascot. You can always spot him on the field or the sidelines during a football game, helping fans get hyped.

The Willie tradition dates all the way back to 1947. K-State’s first mascot appeared at a football game against Oklahoma A&M, as a red-brown wildcat with black stripes and a tail. Of course, Willie has changed a bit since then!

The identity of those who portray Willie the Wildcat is a closely-guarded secret, but you can learn more about his history.

Hearing the band play the Fight Song

You already know the words...hit play, turn up the volume and sing along!

Wildcat coloring pages

Get the littlest Wildcats in on the game day fun! Download these printable coloring pages and more on our website: