Newry News Friday, 8 September 2023

What's On in term 3

week 9

  • Thursday, 14th September - Kindergarten Orientation 9:30 - 11:30 am
  • Friday, 15th September - STEM Day Years 3& 4 @ Newrybar PS with other VoSS Schools
  • Friday, 15th September - STEM Day Years 5 & 6 @ The Pocket PS with other VoSS Schools

Week 10

  • Thursday, 21st September - Kindergarten Orientation 9:30 -11:30 am
  • Friday, 22nd September - Book Parade, Assembly, Book Swap & family picnic,10am start

term 4

Week 1

  • Monday, 9th October - All Students and staff commence Term 4. No Pupil Free day
  • Thursday, 12th October - Kindergarten Orientation 9:30 - 11:30 am
  • Friday, 13th October - Uniform orders due with full payment.

the anxiety project

"Parents who spend a lot of time on their phones or watching television during family activities such as meals, playtime, and bedtime could influence their long-term relationships with their children. From a biological point of view, children and teenagers are 'pack animals' who need the connection with their pack if they are to survive and flourish."

Extract from The Anxiety Project Parentshop by Michael Hawton.


Our Book Week Activities will be held on: Friday 22nd September - Last Day of Term 3. Parents and caregivers are invited for a 10am School Assembly, followed by the Book Parade and activities. At 11am we will have a picnic lunch in the playground. Parents and caregivers are welcome to order a Sushi lunch, with orders due by Wednesday 20th.

uniform orders

Your child will bring home a uniform order form today. All orders are due by the end of Week 1 Term 4, 13th October 2023. The next uniform order will not be done until the end of Term 1 so please ensure your child has enough to get through until then, including a jumper for cooler days. Any families with FIA 'Fees in Advance' remaining are encouraged to purchase uniforms for the future as any unused funds will be returned to the Department of Education at the end of this year.

cold and flu season

Cold, flu strains and COVID are still lingering in the area. Please do not send your child to school with any symptoms including cough, runny nose, fever, headache, nausea as even the mildest of symptoms put other students and staff at risk. Keep your child home until they are symptom free before they return to school; otherwise we will have to interrupt your day to come and pick them up. Please see information on the attachment.

aussie of the month

Congratulations to Archer who is the August 'Aussie of the Month'. Archer is always respectful of his friends and teachers. He is always kind and inclusive of others in his games. Archer always tries to be the best that he can be.

north coast athletics championships

Congratulations Ineka! The fastest 8 year old 100 metre sprinter in the North Coast Region. Ineka will now travel to Sydney Olympic Park next month to compete in the PSSA State Athletics Carnival. We are so proud of you Ineka and wish you the best of luck. Run like the wind!

Tournament of the Minds

Congratulations to the team who represented Newrybar Public School at the Tournament of the Minds competition at Lindesfarne recently. The judges were very impressed with their heartfelt presentation about the Lismore floods. Well done to all.

k-1 art

Continuing our paper skills theme, for the last 2 weeks the K-1 class have been weaving. First the students completed an artwork using straight-cut paper and colour and then many students tried weaving using curve-cut paper. All students were impressed with their final work which are on display in Mrs Ruskin's room.

k-1 maths

Kindergarten have been learning to skip count by 2, 5 and 10. The students in Year 1 have also been learning to skip count from any number and to identify and create the number pattern on a hundred chart. We are also learning how to multiply and divide. We have enjoyed sharing amongst our friends and identifying if the share is fair or not.

We have enjoyed having Miss Nadia Davidian work with us in the classroom as she completes a class placement for her teaching degree. She has been helping us learn how to measure area using a number of different materials.

touch football 3-6

After 3 sessions of training with a professional coach, the 3 to 6 students are becoming more skilled and strategic during game time.

The anxiety project 4-6

The senior class have been learning to extend their understanding of links between their feelings, behaviour and amygdalae. We enjoyed using our sewing skills when making a plush-toy version of our own amygdala. We have also been learning about our pre frontal cortex, the smart part of our brain, that we can use when our amygdala is working overtime. We formed groups and dramatised scenarios using 'Serve and return' conversations.

Year 2-3 Literacy

This week, the year 2 and 3 students have been busy planning imaginative stories, building their vocabulary and studying spelling patterns.

4-6 maths

This week students have been learning about negative numbers. They have measured temperatures of everyday objects around the school including themselves before and after a run around the oval.

senior English

The senior class are continuing to learn about morphology and how words work. Each week we take a new base word or root word and build upon it using prefixes and suffixes. We share our understandings of our word inquiries with our classmates and display them as a classroom reference.

cyber Safety webinar

This week our senior class attended a webinar - Be an eSafe Kid: protect yourself, which explored how children need protection both online and off. It gave our students practical tips on how to use device privacy settings to prevent unwanted contact and what to do if things go wrong.

zones of regulation

Our Rock and Water Program has continued throughout the term and we are nearing the end. We have enjoyed learning how to be more 'rock' or 'water' in different situations. The program has taught us to have increased self respect, self control and self confidence. The Rock and Water Program is also helping to enhance our resilience skills and well-being. 

senior science inquiry

The senior class have been investigating the answers to our two big questions -How do you decide upon which material to use for a particular purpose? and Why are the characteristics of materials important when designing and producing? We have been using our questioning and research skills to inquire about a number of different materials, both natural and processed.

service nsw vouchers

Have you applied for the Service NSW Vouchers for your kids? Log in to your Service NSW account to check your eligibility for Active Kids Vouchers, Creative Kids Vouchers and First Lap Vouchers or click on this link for more information.

Lismore Show colouring competition attached. The Colouring Competition is open to all ages from Preschool to High School Students; attached is a PDF copy or you can download it from the website. Please print all entries in A4.