Cross Cluster Proof of Concept Call We are offering businesses the opportunity to access up to £45k of grant funding for collaborative projects. Closing date 18th October 2023.

Main Call

The call invites Proof-of-Concept projects from any area related to clusters in Space, Energy Tech, Health Tech, Digital Tech and Quantum. Your project must be business-led and involve one or more project partners from a campus cluster. These collaborations can be between industries or between industry and research organisations (including universities). Applicants are encouraged to collaborate across the two campuses and/or between the different clusters. We are keen to support multi-disciplinary projects, although it is not a requirement of funding.

New for 2023 - Connecting Space Clusters Highlight

The Connecting Space Clusters Highlight aims to stimulate knowledge exchange and collaboration within the space communities around the UK and organisations in the space Clusters at Harwell and Sci-Tech Daresbury campuses. The projects must be business-led, space-focused and involve one or more partner from Harwell or NW Space Cluster and one or more business from the partnering Space Clusters: Space North (North East Space Cluster and Space Hub Yorkshire), Space South Central, Space Scotland, and Westcott. More information is available in the application pack.

STFC Clusters

Anchored to the critical mass of expertise, talent and capabilities on-site, Harwell Campus currently hosts three rapidly growing clusters in Space, Health Tech, and Energy Tech. It also hosts an emerging cluster in Quantum. Sci-Tech Daresbury hosts the North West Health Tech Cluster, North West Space Cluster and Digital Tech Cluster.

The cluster model encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and pushes innovation in key areas contributing to driving productivity and growth in the UK economy.

The aim of this funding is to stimulate engagement with organisations across the clusters.

Case Studies

Collaboration unlocks solution for growing satellite industry

Lift me Off, Protolaunch and Nammo collaborated to develop a solution to the growing issue of increasing space traffic and space junk, with the support of STFC’s Cross Cluster Proof of Concept funding.

3D technology key to improving drug development

Revivocell accessed STFC's unique facilities, and expertise to carry out research and development into human cells in 3D formation, with further support from STFC’s Cross Cluster Proof of Concept programme.

Since 2017 we have had two projects funded by the Cross Cluster Proof of Concept Scheme, both in partnership with what was Public Health England. This access to not only grant and matched funding but also to the expertise and knowledge of those we collaborated with has enabled us to grow our product market and company exponentially - Marco Morelli Director and CTO, siHealth

Want to find out more?

If you want up to £45k of grant funding, access to networks and state of the art facilities to develop and validate new ideas, and the ability to explore the application of technology from another industry through cross-cluster engagement, then contact us to receive an application pack.

For further advice on the most appropriate Cluster organisation to work with, please feel free to reach out to the relevant Cluster manager:

Harwell Health Tech Cluster - Adrian Hill

Harwell Energy Tech Cluster - Emma Southwell-Sander

Harwell Space Cluster - Gemma Wilson

North West Space Cluster - Alan Cross

North West Health Tech Cluster - Phil Carvil

Digital Tech Cluster - James Bedford

All applications must be completed in full and submitted along with supporting documentation by 5:30 pm on 18th October 2023.