NBP Exhibitions

Nature's Best Photography Global Exhibitions bring intimate moments from the wild to the eyes of the world through vivid, large-format print presentations in museums, public and private galleries, educational institutions, zoos, and children's hospitals around the globe. Through these vivid displays of wildlife and wild lands, we inspire a very personal experience with nature that will motivate greater public awareness, enjoyment, and stewardship of our natural heritage.

In North America, NBP has hosted exhibitions and events at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Recently we have also been hosting print displays across the USA in New York, Missouri, Florida, California, Wyoming, and internationally in Africa, Japan, China, England, and Canada—with more to come being planned.

The NBP Exhibition Program began with our 20-year alliance at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Through the years up until 2020, we have designed, produced, and installed year-long print and video exhibitions and held extraordinary gala events to celebrate award-winners from around the globe.

NBP at the Roberson Museum & Science Center, NY

Selected winners from the Nature's Best Photography International Awards were on display from 2016-2018 in Binghamton, New York, USA.

NBP in Africa

Nature's Best Photography Exhibition partnerships include the recent alliance with African Wildlife Foundation to help celebrate their 60-year anniversary of conservation leadership. A new photo awards competition was launched and dedicated to the late H.E. Benjamin Mkapa, a champion for African conservation programs. This new initiative attracted pro and amateur photographers of all ages which are being displayed at exhibitions and fund-raising events at prestigious venues in support of AWF's many successful programs.

NBP invited international photographers to enter photos and videos of African wildlife and wild lands in the Benjamin Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards competition. Print exhibitions, award ceremonies, and events were held at the Nairobi National Museum near the AWF headquarters in Kenya, as well as in Zimbabwe and Tanzania. The Mkapa Awards exhibitions are traveling in China and across the USA.

Mkapa Awards in China

Selected winners from the Benjamin Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards were displayed indoors and outdoors at Kunming Zoo, and also at a venue in Beijing, China.

NBP presents the Mkapa Awards at Kunming Zoo, China

Mkapa Awards in the USA

Selected winners from the Benjamin Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards are traveling the USA and displayed in Florida, California, and Wyoming. Click to see the details and dates.

The Mkapa Awards at The Society of the Four Arts, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Mkapa Awards at The National Museum of Natural History of Los Angeles County, California, USA

NBP International Awards in Japan

NBP at Children's National Hospital

The Nature's Best Photography Awards Exhibitions at the Children's National Hospital and clinics in the Washington, DC metropolitan area inspire joy, healing, and wellness for patients, hospital visitors, and staff.

NBP at Wonders of Wildlife

The Nature's Best Photography Awards Exhibition at Johnny Morris' Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium showcases jaw-dropping photography and videos from the NBP International Awards. Featuring 10,000 feet of gallery space, this collection transports visitors to some of the most stunning places in the world.

Located in Springfield, Missouri —the heartland of America—Wonders of Wildlife attracts thousands of visitors from around the world every day to travel through immersive wildlife habitats that entertain and educate while sharing the story of America's most significant conservationists throughout history and today.


From Elizabeth Duggal, former Associate Director for External Affairs and Public Programs, Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History:

“I am extremely impressed by the images at the Nature's Best Photography Awards exhibition where our museum visitors get to experience nature through the art of photography. This is an exciting program that reaches people in so many ways—on a personal level as well as educational.”

From The Washington Post:

“The photographs in Nature’s Best Photography magazine are stunning and the reproduction is fabulous”

From USA Today:

“Nature’s Best Photography is guaranteed to elicit oohs and ahhs!”