Mind, Body, Spirit Club Moderator: Ms. Safier

Mission of the MBS Club

  • At Mind, Body, Spirit, we practice self-care as well as deepen our knowledge of mindfulness through different relaxation techniques.
  • Our mission is to connect people through different activities such as tai chi, art, and meditation.
  • Mind, Body, Spirit is a safe space for people to step away from the everyday stress of school and foster new relationships while learning to express themselves and their identities.
We are an inclusive group and welcome all to the club. You will join us to share your insights, work on personal progress, and discuss challenges you encounter in your Social-Emotional world.

What do we do in the club?

  • discuss topics such as stress, positive intentions, growth mindset, and social-emotional skills
  • support for issues when members would like to have group input
  • practice yoga, tai chi, art, and nature walks
  • play games & make new friends

Please email rachelsafier@sfhs.com if you'd like to be added to our mailing list. We meet every Friday from 2:35-3:15 in Room 201 or 203.