2023 Annual Report University of Richmond - Information Services

Table of Contents

Message from the Vice President for Information Services and CIO

I'm pleased to present the 2023 Annual Report for the Information Services (IS) Division. This past year has been one of significant accomplishments and continued dedication to supporting the university community. We fostered a welcoming environment for future generations of learners, enhanced the classroom experience, spearheaded crucial academic support initiatives, and prioritized cybersecurity measures. We also celebrated milestones in key projects and welcomed new talent while expressing gratitude to our departing colleagues.

Enhancing the Classroom Experience:  This year, IS made significant strides in enhancing the classroom experience. We upgraded multimedia equipment in all 175 classrooms, ensuring a modern and engaging learning environment for students. Additionally, we updated software on over 1,003 computers to ensure optimal performance. Our commitment extends beyond technology infrastructure. IS team members brought their expertise to the classroom, discussing data center operations and cybersecurity with Nancy Bagranoff's Robins School class. Such collaborations provide students with valuable insights into the technological backbone of the university and the importance of cybersecurity practices.

Celebrating Milestones: This year marked significant milestones for several ongoing projects. We celebrated the first data load for the Workday@Richmond project, achieving an impressive 99.32% success rate. Our disaster recovery capabilities also saw substantial improvement, with recovery time reduced from 6 hours and 51 minutes to a remarkable 1 hour and 7 minutes.

For a more detailed look at our achievements, please delve into the full report. We're committed to continuous improvement and look forward to serving the university community with even greater effectiveness in the year ahead.


Pathways to a College Experience (PACE)

PACE is a program housed in the Center for Civic Engagement that introduces middle and elementary school students in the Greater Richmond Area to the possibility of a college education by offering a holistic experience at the University of Richmond's campus.

On February 10, the University welcomed students from Caroline County Middle School, and the Information Services team had the opportunity to participate in the program by hosting a group of students in the Technology Learning Center in Boatwright Library. Activities for the students while visiting the TLC and nearby classrooms included a look at the computer lab, our 3D printing area, an immersive visit to the AR/VR studio, a look at one of our active learning classroom spaces, and a conversation about cybersecurity (with a password cracking station to demonstrate the importance of a good password).

TechFest Open House

Once the Information Services division was settled in our newly renovated offices in Jepson Hall, we invited the campus to take a look. Dozens of staff, faculty, and students showed up for the ribbon cutting ceremony and tours of our new spaces. President Hallock joined EVP and COO Dave Hale, and VP for Information Services and CIO Keith W. McIntosh for the celebration.