Transdigital Education Developing Key Competences through Holistic Learning and Teaching in the Digital Age

Transdigital Education is a neologism that combines the principles of 'Transcultural Education' and 'Digital Education' to emphasize the importance of moving beyond traditional digital learning methods.

The concept of Transdigital Education was developed in Copenhagen in Summer 2019 by Erasmus Coordinators Karmen Heup (Goetheschule Essen, Germany), Karen Ronge Baktoft and Gitte Vestergaard Pilley (Ikast-Brandy Gymnasium, Denmark). It was implemented by five International IB World Schools between 2020 and 2023: Goetheschule Essen (Germany), Ikast-Brande Gymnasium (Denmark), Międzynarodowe Liceum Ogólnokształcące Paderewski w Lublinie (Poland), Siauliu Didzdvario Gimnazija (Lithuania), and Voramar International School (Spain).

Transdigital Education is a comprehensive and holistic approach to education that goes beyond the mere use of digital tools and technologies for instruction.

Unlike traditional digital education, which may focus solely on technical skills or subject matter, transdigital education emphasizes holistic learning. It aims at developing learners' cognitive, social, emotional, and cultural competencies, and fostering well-rounded individuals capable of exploring diverse perspectives and thriving in an interconnected world. It therefore aims at integrating digital media into international educational processes in a meaningful and transformative manner.

Transdigital Education comes to life when students actively engage with digital tools and resources in a way which allows them to take ownership of their learning.

This website is therefore more than a mere overview of our project work. It was planned and designed by our students in Barcelona in Summer 2023 after a three-year multimodal learning phase. It is the result of intense collaborative and interactive learning, which encouraged our students to create their own multimedia content and reflect on their own individual learning progess.

Follow Our Students on Their Transdigital Learning Journey!

Find out more about our Erasmus Plus project and the steps taken in order to improve four major learner competencies.

Karmen Heup & Martina Féaux de Lacroix, Goetheschule Essen, Germany

Karen Ronge Banktoft & Gitte Vestergaard Pilley, Ikast-Brande Gymnasium, Denmark

Izabela Kopik & Barbara Ostrowska, Międzynarodowe Liceum Ogólnokształcące Paderewski w Lublinie, Poland

Rima Tamosiuniene, Siauliu Didzdvario Gimnazija (Lithuania)

Mirela Domitrovic & Aina Bertran, Voramar International School, Spain

Transdigital Education: a Route to 21st Century Learning and Teaching!