Spiced Cider Mix More Ways to use Spiced Cider Mix

Spiced Cider Mix

More Ways to use Spiced Cider Mix

The days are getting colder and the nights are getting longer. As I sit here at Pike Place Market, watching the rain pelt the cobblestone street, I’m reminded that chilly weather like this calls for special kind of remedy. Something to warm the body and the soul. Something spicy. I pull a glass jar from the shelf; it’s a heavy, gallon sized jar filled to the brim with cloves, cinnamon chips and other spices. As I unscrew the lid, the heady aroma of mulling spices envelopes me in a cozy cocoon.

Spiced Cider is probably my favorite cold weather beverage, but that’s only one of many ways that mulling spices can be used. If you’re like me and find yourself craving something warm and spicy when the weather gets chilly, then this post is for you.

A spice infused syrup is a great way to ‘spice’ up your food (forgive the pun). This syrup can be added to beverages such as cocktails and red wine, or it can be poured over pancakes and fresh fruit. It’s easy enough to make. In a saucepan, combine one cup of sugar, with one cup of water. Add a teaspoon of our Spiced Cider Mix wrapped in cheesecloth and bring the mixture to a boil. Then let it simmer for fifteen minutes and discard the spices. The syrup can be kept for up to a month in an airtight container in the fridge.

Maybe you’re looking for something savory instead of sweet. In that case, try a spice infused vinegar. It can be used in any number of ways. Exciting salad dressings and mouth-watering marinades are all possible with this spiced vinegar. Like the syrup, you’re going to need a saucepan and some cheesecloth. Simmer one tablespoon of Spiced Cider Mix in two cups of apple cider vinegar. Then turn off the stove and let it stand for at least an hour. Discard the spices before bottling.

Maybe, you’re a traditionalist and just want some mulled cider. Grab that saucepan and cheesecloth again. For the perfect mulled cider, simmer four tablespoons of our Spiced Cider Mix in a gallon of apple cider for fifteen minutes. Serve it with a cinnamon stick for the added holiday flair.