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Mani Bahia & The Mob "People's Pride 2023"

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Mani Bahia (Mah-Knee Bye-Eee-Yuh) is an American artist, musician, dj, producer, singer-songwriter, and performer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mani in late 2018 dropped her first project, "Solstice," featuring a collection of original acoustic tracks recorded in outdoors with raw vocals describing her thoughts, reflections, and feelings of the times surrounding her. Bahia performed a spoken word piece for Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington nestled under his arm outside of August Wilson's childhood home in Pittsburgh's Hill District the same year. This opportunity ignited the multi- disciplinary artist into a new perspective of her craft as a writer and vocalist. So she began the journey into perfecting her penmanship and performance style. In 2020 "Mani Bahia and The Mob" was founded and the band debuted at "Pittsburgh's Very Own," a top-rated concert series in Etna Township, held at Mr. Smalls Theatre. The Mob's performance garnered the attention of fellow peers and musicians within the music community. Days later, The Mob uploaded a "Tiny Desk Concert Submission," and their performance featured on the "Best 2020 Tiny Desk Contest Entries We Saw This Week: Volume 6". Jon Lewis, an American writer based in New York, described the performance as "a house party" and recommended viewers have "space to two-step before you hit play." Most recently, Mani Bahia & the Mob performed at the Cultural Arts Fest June 2022, Swissvale Pride Fest June 2023, and the Hill District Arts Festival July 2023. Mani Bahia's second project titled "Inferno" was released in early October of 2022 . "Inferno" is majority produced, arranged, and written by Mani Bahia, but holds a few surprise production credits. You can find Bilal Abbey's co-produced track titled "FRIZZ," and on "LINK," you can hear the bass of Benji. from Spillage Village. Bahia's "Inferno" will give the listener a taste of varied genres such as Alt R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, House, and Soul. The genre-bending "Inferno" is a full-bodied artistic work that expresses the grit, vulnerability, and devoted integrity Bahia has to her craft, but also the journey to finding her footing in a world where music and art are her anchor.

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In collaboration with "Benji." of Spillage Village

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