Welcome to Our Savior Hawaii's Online Sunday School! Our Word for today is MERCY. Showing MERCY to others means showing love and care. Jesus is the best example of MERCY. He showed us great love and care by coming to earth, dying, and rising for us.


What have been your highs and Lows from the Last week?


Sing and Dance

Let's sing a song! Create your own actions and celebrate God's mercy flowing through your life.

God's Word

Scripture-Matthew 15:21-28

Read the paraphrase of our story from Matthew 15. Can you act it out?

Jesus and his disciples went north of the Sea of Galilee to the area around the cities of Tyre and Sidon. While they were there, a Canaanite woman shouted, “Lord, have mercy on me! My daughter is very sick, and I know you can heal her.” Jesus and his disciples were surprised that this woman asked for mercy because most Canaanite people did not believe in God. The woman continued to shout, “Lord, have mercy on me. Please heal my daughter!” Jesus’ disciples wanted Jesus to send her away, but he did not. The woman ran to Jesus and fell on her knees right in front of him. She said, “Lord, have mercy on me. Please heal my daughter.” Jesus did not send her away and was amazed at her faith. He said to her, “You have so much faith in God! Your daughter is healed.”


What did the woman cry for from Jesus? What do you think the woman did after Jesus healed her daughter? When have you experienced mercy? When have you shown mercy?


Mercy Megaphones

The Canaanite woman shouted at Jesus and asked for mercy. Make Mercy Megaphones. Print “Lord, have mercy” multiple times on both sides of a large sheet of paper, then decorate the paper with markers and stickers. When the decorating is finished, roll the paper into a megaphone shape and tape it. Take your Mercy Megaphones home and use them to tell the story of the Canaanite woman to your family. Talk with your family about a way you can all show mercy in the coming week.

Pray+ Bless

Prayer: Jesus, You are the best example of mercy. Help us to show love and care like you. Thank you for showing us mercy and saving us. Amen.

Blessing: Circle up as a household. Pick someone to start the blessing. They say, "Jesus gives us mercy. And that means me (place a hand on your chest). And that means you (place your other hand on the shoulder of the person next to you)". Pass the blessing by repeating those words and actions. When the blessing makes it back to the first person, they say, "Go and bless the world."

Story paraphrase, Talk, and Explore from Whirl Year A Summer Director Guide. wearesparkhouse.org. © 2022 Sparkhouse. All rights reserved. May be reproduced for local use only provided each copy carries this notice.