GALLERI DS Gotenburg 1981-1982

In 1981 Erik Pauser and CM von Hausswolff started an art gallery. Galleri DS. was located in Erik Pauser's apartment. In one end of the spacious four-room area was Erik Pauser's bedroom, and at the other end of the apartment, there was a kitchen. The gallery rooms were located in the middle. The apartment served as both a private residence and a gallery space. For a period of one year, Erik Pauser, along with CM von Hausswolff, curated a series of exhibitions and installations, primarily featuring young artists. In this gallery, Erik Pauser and CM von Hausswolff made some of their very first installations, marking the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration under the name "Phauss," a partnership that continues to this day. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosted a variety of other events, including poetry readings, concerts, festivals, and performances.

The gallery became a natural meeting point for young artists and musicians. Among those who displayed their work at the gallery were the Walda group, which included Eva Löfdahl, Stig Sjölund, Ingvar Sjöberg, and Max Book. Sven Malvin, Stefan Karlsson, Gerd Genberg. Malgorzata Kubiak, Sven Erik Johansson, Zoltan Gaal, Tjell Zachrisson, and Jonny Paikin also read and performed.