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Krenz is a bass man whose skyrocketing skills draws from genres such as jungle, breakcore, illbient and dubstep, described as UK BASS. This Warsaw-based producer is not just a mindless reproducer of patents known from the British Isles. The foundation of Krenz's sound is his Polish-neighbourhood shtick, which gives his productions a hip-hop feel, as confirmed by his numerous collaborations with rappers.

Krenz's concerts are a collaboration with rapper scolop333ndra (TONFA). In addition to the well-known collaborative material from Krenz's albums, the duo performs special tracks that the public can only experience at concerts.

Krenz regularly collaborates with his friends from TONFA, and also provided some tectonic bass for the remixes of album Ruleta Hardcore by 1988. He has presented his material to audiences at festivals such as Unsound, Tauron Nowa Muzyka and Up To Date.


His first LP material with the perverse title KRENZ REBORN from 2021 is a bass-throttling album full of dreamlike landscapes, presenting Krenz's syncretic approach to the bass music tradition in its full glory. Helping him bring this vision to life were Big Purge, DJ Zeten and scolop333ndra from TONFA.


Krenz takes his explorations even further on his second album, BOŻE DAJ MI BREAK, released in 2023. On it, he presents an expanded arsenal of killer lows and broken loops, and the diversity of this recording full of unexpected twists and turns is enhanced by an impressive number of guests. Indeed, DJ Zeten and scolop333ndra, known from the previous LP, are joined by: FEASTONMYSINS, Borys (Laxity), DJ ZAMOCNO, Hades (HiFi Banda) and Kosi (JWP).

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