Norrköping Art museum, installation. With Johan Söderberg. Part of the LPC project.

The short film "It's Still Cloudy in Saudi Arabia" delves into the context of the Gulf War, commencing with a scene set in a New York subway where a young African American boy passionately plays a furious drum solo on a plastic bucket. The film then transitions into a weather report, announcing that it is currently cloudy in Saudi Arabia. By juxtaposing these seemingly unrelated elements, the film paints a vivid picture of how the brutal Gulf War and the secure American daily life coexist and, at the same time, disrupt each other. Through the blending of cut-up news events and everyday scenes from the United States, the film provides insight into the coexistence of the Gulf War's brutality and the illusion of safety in American society. It underscores how this sense of security is merely a veneer concealing the eruptions of violence that simmer beneath the surface of the everyday. The film effectively illustrates the stark contrast between the two worlds, highlighting the unsettling tension that exists between them.

"It's Still Cloudy in Saudi Arabia" is part of the film; Lucky People Center - Information is Free.