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The Nature's Best Photography Fund is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization supported through nonprofit and corporate alliances, foundation grants, program sponsorships, licensing partnerships and individual donations. Your gift is tax deductible.

Your support helps enhance the many ways we communicate the beauty, diversity, and importance of conserving the natural world through the fine art of photography and films.

We need your help today! Our important next steps begin with you and your support of our ongoing efforts to build and grow our meaningful history of success.

Make a matching gift! NBP recently received a pledge to match donations up to $100,000. Help us reach our goal through direct, private conversations with NBP President, Steve Freligh at sfreligh@naturesbestphotography.org.

Please join the Nature’s Best team as we match creative achievement in nature photography with uplifting, conservation-driven storytelling.

Photography Awards Competitions & Exhibitions

Allow us to grow our NBP Awards competitions, print publications, fine art print exhibitions at global venues, and online presentations that reach a broad and diverse audience of outdoor enthusiasts:

  • Nature's Best Photography International Awards
  • Nature's Best Backyards
  • Nature's Best National Parks
  • Nature's Best Photography Awards Exhibitions
  • New Competitions to be announced soon

NBP Publications

Help us produce publications of award-winning quality that support all NBP program initiatives and activities:

  • Nature's Best Photography magazines
  • Nature's Best Photography books

Health & Wellness Support

Allow us to develop and grow our public programs for mental health and wellness:

  • Help us develop, produce, and travel multi-media exhibitions, making them available for installations in museums, hospitals, universities, and public galleries worldwide
  • Support Children's Hospital Exhibitions, magazine distribution, & videos
  • Allow us to educate, involve, and deliver positive encouragement for outdoor awareness and enjoyment for all ages
  • Support "A Mindful Lens" series: bringing wellness and promoting peace and happiness by focusing on nature through the photographic lens

NBP Ambassadors

Nature's Best Photography Ambassadors program is a dynamic initiative designed to actively engage and involve a new generation of photographers and storytellers in the mission and legacy of Nature's Best Photography. By bringing together a small, select group of NBP Ambassadors, we will chart a course for a vibrant and sustainable future.

As we approach our 30th year, we recognize the need to develop additional tools and strategies to continue and expand our impact on a global scale. This program aims to harness the power of emerging talent, technology, and passion to inspire audiences today and tomorrow, transforming the way we view and promote conservation awareness and action.

Please Contact

Stephen Freligh, NBP President. Email: sfreligh@naturesbestphotography.org; Send inquiries by mail to: Nature's Best Photography Fund; PO Box 9591, McLean, Virginia 22102; Contact by Phone: 703-467-9783