Video Templates Metadata Requirements Guidelines For Adobe Stock artists

As part of the submission process, Adobe Stock artists must submit a metadata for each submitted template.

How-To Fill Out Metadata

Add metadata to your templates in your contributor portal.

Fill out metadata in the right side panel

Metadata Fields

File Type

The portal will identify your template type upon a successful upload.


Titles are short descriptions of your content to introduce your file to the customer. Use a descriptive and unique title for your template. Please use Title Case for your title.

Use unique titles for each template you submit or they will be rejected by our upload system. Do not include trademarked names, brand names, product names, or people's names in titles.


  • Tiny Pop Art Titles
  • Tilted Geometric Transitions
  • Luminous Abstract Lower Thirds


Use the drop down to select the category:

  • Titles
  • Lower Thirds
  • Logo Reveals
  • Transitions
  • Slideshows
  • Backgrounds
  • Motion Effects
  • Motion Overlays
  • Infographics

For explanations and visuals of each category, see the following:


Keywords ensure that buyers can find your content. Read on to understand which keywords will be automatically included for your template and what additional keywords you may want to add.

According to templates:

  • motion, graphic, template, mogrt, mograph, premiere, premiere pro, after effects, HD, high definition, customizable, customize, edit, animated, animation, animate, editable, 1920 x 1080 px

According to the title:

  • Each word of the title split by a comma

According to use case:

  • Corporate: corporate, presentation, business
  • Social Media: social, social media, internet, communication
  • Media Replacement (for MoGRTs): media replacement, placeholder, configurable, replace, replacement, replaceable, modular, media, flexible, dropzone

According to template category:

  • Titles: title, text, typography, full frame, super, title animation, title graphics, title card, title, text, typography, overlay
  • Lower Third: lower third, lowerthird, strap, name, lower, third, text
  • Logo Reveals: logo, reveal, animation,
  • Transitions: transition, wipe, reveal, revealer
  • Slideshows: slideshow, pictures, videos, transitions, wipe
  • Backgrounds: background
  • Motion Effects: motion, effects, vfx, responsive movement,
  • Motion Overlay: video, motion, overlay, end card
  • Infographic: infographic, infograph, data, chart, presentation

Best Practices

Make descriptions relevant to your project.

  • Design Style: such as modern, minimalistic, grunge, Memphis Design, Art Deco
  • Themes: such as business, weddings, travel
  • Seasonal/Holiday Events: such as New Year's, Valentine's Day, Father's Day


  • small, mini, mod art, mod, 60s, stars
  • tilt, pinball, angle, wipe, flash, spin, bumper, intro, outro
  • glow, paint, drip, rainbow, colorful, bright, shine, shiny

Template Details

The Template Details field in the contributor portal is uneditable.

Guidelines: 1: Uploading Video Templates | 2: Submission Requirements | 3: Metadata Requirements | 4: Video Templates Categories

Reference: MOGRT Requirements | Ae Requirements | PrPro Requirements | Artist FAQ

Header Image: Colorful Fluid Transitions by Grape Design

Last Updated: 10/5/23

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